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Dec 132007

Yesterday I posted about Jodie Foster possibly outing herself at the recent Women in Entertainment Breakfast. While this is important to me I don’t really seeing it as being big news. But it appears that it is. Just google it for yourself. You’ll get all the little blogs like mine but a lot of big news outlets too.

It is important to have celebrities come out and show the world at large that being gay is okay. But really why is America so fascinated by the news of who’s gay and who’s not gay? Jodie’s coming out is no big surprise to those of us with a working gaydar [that’s gay radar for those of you not in the know]. And the nonchalant way she went about it as if it were an everyday thing with no importance at all was so cool. She should be able to continue to live her life as she always has without so much as a hiccup in how she will be treated. Those of us who have always loved and respected her will continue to do so.

Well this is a good way to end 2007 with two great entertainment icons coming out of the closet. First Dumbledore and now Jodie Foster.

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