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Oct 082007

Here’s another issue with food. I am really starting to think I have a black food aura or something. Okay, so this particular issue is not as big as some of my past problems with restaurants.

Today at work we got our lunch at Wendy’s. One person went for it while the rest of poor slobs kept on slaving. When they got back and I got my food it turned out the drink was diet instead of regular. In and of itself this is not a big issue, but since the order was a take out delivery it made getting it fixed next to impossible or at the very least a big pain in my butt.

I cannot drink diet Coke because of the nutra sweet. I know there are a lot of other people who cannot have nutrasweet either. So it seems like an important issue that restaurants get drink orders right.

I was able to go after work and get the drink switched for the right one, but I had to waste both my time and gas by driving out of my way to get this issue corrected. So I guess I could have weighed the cost of the drink against my time and the gas, but at this point in my bad food karma it is the point of the matter that counts!

While I am bitching and moaning about Wendy’s I have a few other things to gripe about. First, Dave Thomas is rolling in his grave at this latest advertise campaign with the guys in the red pigtail wigs. These are stupider than those idiotic caveman commercials. Guess they will be made into a TV series too.

Secondly, what is with the teeny, tiny piece of beef in the value menu burgers? It is only about the size of a half dollar and almost as thin too. Yet the commercials show what I have to assume is the regular bacon cheeseburger but they say it is the jr. bacon cheeseburger. I thought they had to show the actual food in commercials. If that is true then why don’t I get that burger when I order it?

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