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Dec 222007

I had my ultrasound on my legs today to make sure I do not have any blood clots. I pressured the doctor into allowing the test because I have been staying up too late watching Discovery Health and I got scared of DVTs or deep vein thrombosis.

Let me tell you this is one of the worst tests I have ever had. It really hurts. I think it would have hurt just as bad even if I did not have two huge injuries on both legs. The worst part was right above the knee on the inner thigh. Man that hurt.

The girl giving me the test tried to avoid two of the big bruises on my left leg but she had to do the test. She was very friendly and talking to me helped distract me from what she was doing. Who knew an ultrasound would hurt so much? She told me that once a lady got off the table and hit her. I promised not to hit her but said I was going to blog about how horrible it was.

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