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Apr 202007

I just heard that Lifetime has only picked up the first 13 episodes of Blood Ties. And if the ratings are good enough that maybe we will get to see the rest of the series.

 I am just getting into this series [and getting used to actually watching something on Lifetime TV] and really would like to see it continue. I think networks are way too quick to pull the plug on shows. Especially in this day of DVRs. I record all my shows and watch them when I have the time. Rarly do I watch the show live. I guess this hurts the ratings and bugs the advertisers since I can then FF thru the commercials [when I remember to].

Guess it is time to write into the network and tell they have a pretty good thing on their hands and they need to bring us the rest. Why don’t you do that too? There is only about 4 episodes left and then maybe no more.

Here is what I sent them: I have enjoyed the series thus far [I don’t usually watch your network and it has brought me to you if that does say it all right there I don’t know what does] and I was hoping it will be picked up for the rest of the seaosn. Will it? And if it is when will you be airing it again?

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