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Nov 282007

What better way to see the great city of Philadelphia than via a free tour? You can do it. All you need to do is sign up for the Trusted Tours and Attractions free newsletter and by doing so you get a chance to win a free sightseeing tour from the city of your choice. You could win four tickets to the sightseeing tours of your choice. Don’t know if you can get a ticket to four different tours or if you must take four tickets to the same tour.

Philadelphia is a great city full of history and culture. Heck, just watch the film National Treasure and it will make you want to travel to the city to see all the cool clues in the film. Okay, so that was all fiction but the history is real and you will be immersed in it. Visit the liberty bell, Betsy Ross’ House and so much more.

So whether you live in or around this fine town or are simply visiting I suggest you head to a take a chance on what they have to offer. And quite possibly win one of their tours. You will be able to choose from a boat tour, trolley tour or even a carriage tour.

Philadelphia is not your only choice either. You have many cities to choose from like Savannah, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco just to name a few.

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