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Jan 232008

Earlier this week I had just asked myself why were onions bad for dogs? I meant to look it up online but never got around to it [as I don’t have a dog it is not a pressing matter]. Then tonight while in waiting room at the doctor’s office I was reading a National Geographic from October 2007 when I came across an article on the pet food contaminated with melamine and how normal people food is bad for dogs. It goes on to list other things to watch out for and well thanks to that article I now know that onions damage a dog’s hemoglobin. And that it is cumulative, so even a little onion every once in awhile can be as bad as an entire onion bulb over time. So keep your doggy away from onions.

 But are onions bad for cats?

Jan 222008

Heath Ledger died today in a Manhattan apartment said to be owned by Mary-Kate Olsen [this is most likely not true]. According to he was pronounced dead at 3:30. We still don’t know the actual cause of death as of yet, but police say it may be a drug overdose as over the counter sleeping pills were found next to the body. He was only 28 years old. He will be missed. We will get a chance to see his last finished film later this summer. He played the Joker in the film Batman: The Dark Knight.

He will live on in his many films like Brokeback Mountain, Monsters Ball, The Order, A Knights Tale and the upcoming Dark Knight to name but a few.

Update [sort of]: This is what you get for going with the first news source. Bad, incomplete and wrong information. Apparently it was his appartment and the pills were perscription. Most likely an accidental death. And the rumors abound. May his family find comfort in knowing their son was loved by the American public even if though the weirdos out there are louder than the rest of us. What’s up with the “heath ledger mind control victim” rumor that’s going around any way?

Jan 182008

Sometimes email just isn’t good enough and you need to resort to snail mail (also known as the United Postal Service). Believe it or not it is just more reliable sometimes. What am I talking about, you might ask. Well, I had some friends move and I never got their email. If they had followed it up with nice little postcards with their new address I would have had something to stick right in my address book, but they did not so I did not. So my Christmas card I sent to them came back to me making me a sad little Santa thinking I lost touch with a good friend. Lucky for me I have a back up friend who gave me the address. But if she had simply gone to and made some cool and funky postcards and sent them out this could have all been avoided.

But VistaPrint offers so much more than postcard printing. You can make business cards, magnets (both of which I have made for my website), notepads, invitations and loads more. They are great for not just business but also personal uses too. You could use their postcards for announcements, invitations, business marketing and so much more. The cost is very reasonable too. So my question is why didn’t my friend go there and print out some postcards with her new address?

Made possible by They have free stuff there too.

Jan 182008

I just had the weirdest call ever. I work for an online store and we get some of the stupidest questions from customers. But I have to say that this one takes the cake. This guy called up saying he did not get his free item. Well, we weren’t giving out anything free so what free item. He saw something on another website (which does not exist or at least I could not find it) that said we were giving away a free gift. Not true. He then goes on to say he got an email from us about the free gift. Again not true. Plus he never ordered from us at anytime, but according to him he did. Funny we cannot seem to find him. So I sent him off to find the email and or website and call me back. I actually hope he comes back with something, but I doubt he will. He sounded really out of it. He was altogether together if you get my drift.

Jan 182008

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you ready? No!? Well, you still have plenty of time to get something special for your best guy or gal even through mail order. So set you mouse to clicking and head over to for some savings on your holiday shopping. You’ll find loads of coupon codes for all your favorite online stores.

Save on flowers and gifts from They have a great deal now on sweet heart roses where you buy 24 and get 24 free. With a deal like that there’s no reason not to surround her (or him) with flowers on Valentine’s Day. What a great surprise to receive at the office (hint, hint).

Don’t forget your best friend. Shop at and save on fun toys and treats for your dog. Get a heart that says, “I love you” or a devil that proclaims, “the devil made me do it” to show him he’s loved too.

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Jan 172008

I am so sick of snow and today’s snowfall was only our first real one. Yeah, we had that ice a little while ago, but that was ice not snow. Apparently people forget how to drive in snowy conditions. On my way home, which took 2.5 hours instead of the regular 1.5 hours, I passed at least six separate accidents. All because people felt the need to go to fast under bad weather conditions.

Someone did a 360 on the turnpike and was facing the other way. Two of my main highways I travel had accidents in both directions stopping traffic. Thank goodness I had already gotten passed them. Then just as I a nearing the end of my harrowing journey there was a four car pile up about a mile from home. Again I was lucky enough to still be able to get around them all and get home safe and sound.

Jan 172008

Unicorns are magical creatures that only exist for those who believe. When they are not frolicking in dewy meadows or posing on windy cliffs they are helping believers do away with daily annoyances like new age happy ladies, creepy mimes, and arrogant businessmen. So if you believe with all your heart and soul they will answer your call.

Unicorn Code:Avenging Unicorn Play Set

  • Unicorns never lie.
  • Unicorns always lend a helping hand.
  • Unicorns are loyal.
  • Unicorns can keep a secret.
  • Unicorns don’t use drugs.

Like their seafaring cousins the mighty narwhal they have four different magical horns each with its own special power.

The pearlescent horn gives the unicorn mind control, weather control, and super hearing (kind of like the bionic woman). The spiral horn’s power is illusion casting and super healing (like the Mr. Meaty episode “Unihorn” where Parker heals folks, with his magical unicorn horn). The glow horn gives the unicorn the power of hypnosis and enhanced agility. (But isn’t hypnosis very similar to mind control and illusion casting?) My personal favorite horn is the chrome horn as it gives the powers of electromagnetism, speed-reading and teleportation. The three inch high unicorn is fully articulated to be better able to impale his enemies with his mighty horn.

The avenging unicorn is not alone in his quest so be sure to look for the other play sets: Unicorn vs. Narwhal, Good vs. evil Unicorn, and the Cold War Unicorns where the all American unicorn defends us against the red menace. Any unicorn fan has to get these. Another fine desktop toy for you get.

Jan 162008

The Avenging Narwhal Play Set is hilarious. Each narwhal comes with four magical tusks and three natural enemies.

From the package: for centuries, the narwhal was the great mystery of the sea, with the body of a whale Avenging Narwhal Play Setand the horn of a unicorn, many people believed that these fascinating creatures were harmless inhabitants of the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. Recent studies, however, have exposed the secret agenda of these mysterious mammals and the true purpose of their extraordinarily long pointy tusks.

Million of years ago penguins, snow seals and koalas ruled the earth. They feasted on whales, dolphins and other sea mammals. But the narwhal went into hiding biding their time and planning their revenge. They reemerged, tusks gleaming with newfound magical power, and fought back against the adorable creatures that threatened their existence. The battle was long and many narwhal were lost.

Now once a year to keep their enemies at bay they return to Antarctica to hunt baby seals and penguins stopping in Australia along the way to attack the deadly koalas.

The back-story alone is worth the purchase price or about $13. You can have loads of fun impaling these dangerous yet adorable creatures through the heart. Remember not all narwhal tusks are the same so be sure to choose the right one for the right job. The crystal tusk is used for mind control, hypnosis and global communications. The Onyx tusk causes instant paralysis, while the ruby tusk drains the victims of all their blood. Finally, the ice tusk freezes water, creates icebergs, and chills beverages. So choose wisely. Above all have fun. Not for children under 3 and perhaps not for children at all. Having a sense of humor helps when playing with these toys so if you find you are devoid of fun stay away. They make great office playthings.

Jan 152008

Watching Boston Legal tonight and in the previously seen on clips Denny is in his rented uniform after signing up for the Coast Guard [that was the only branch that would take someone of his age, 75] sitting on the balcony smoking his cigar says “Already my penis feels larger.

 If you are not watching this show yet you need to rent the first couple of seasons and join the rest of us. This show is golden.

Jan 152008

Have we gone too far? Are we getting closer to fulfilling Orwell’s prophecy in 1984? Is big brother watching us? Well yes, we have and he is, but big brother is not always what you think it is. There are video cameras everywhere now. We cannot get away from them so I suppose we must learn to live with them. Cameras point at us from the corners of most every room in public buildings and from street corners. They are there for our protection and safety. Aren’t they? But what about all those personal cameras used to catch our every move. Almost every cell phone has video now and so do the small pocket digital cameras. With nearly every human carrying around a handy digital video camera we never know who or what is being taped or where that tape is going to end up. With the popularity of YouTube and sites like it we will never see the end of this privacy invasion. We as a society must learn to adapt. We must learn to behave if we can. I don’t know if we that is possible. Perhaps we need to add basic manners and social skills to school curriculum. Not that it would matter much as it might already be too late. The worst thing is no one really seems to care. The stuff they see or do anymore doesn’t even embarrass them.

Heaven help us when we start taping and watching each other twenty-four seven. Oh wait, that is already happening. In April Justin. tv was supposed to do just that (I have not checked it out as I have no interest in it). But what about privacy? Doesn’t this require the permission of those people taped before being aired?

Who gives them the right to make money off of me, my image, my likeness? I didn’t sign a model release or contract. Does the average Joe now need to go out and get an agent just so they can get a piece of this pie? You know they cannot do this without making money on it so how do I go about protecting my rights and my interests? This then brings me back to YouTube. They sell ad space even ads right on the videos now. Do I as the producer, director, and writer of these videos get a portion of those profits? I doubt it. In fact I would bet that the terms of service agreement we all ignore, but all agree to, says we get nothing. Perhaps we should strike like the writers in Hollywood and not post to these sites that are making money off our videos.

I used to belong to a site that allowed you to post your own stories. It was very similar to today’s blogs. But they shared their ad revenue with the site contributors. Helium does this to some degree. Other community created sites should think about doing this sort of thing too. Google is working on a site similar to wikipedia and you know they will get money out of it. Shouldn’t the writers for that site make money from their articles? pays their guides to write on the topics they know best. In fact wikipedia should verify their info (hope I haven’t shocked anyone by insinuating that the almighty wikipedia has incorrect information in it) and share any generated revenue with their contributors.

Web 2.0 screams contributor based content. I scream right back at it pay me for the content I post to your site then I will consider posting it there. Otherwise it is mine and I am keeping it. So don’t tape me, photograph me or quote me unless you plan on paying me.

Jan 152008
Hunter Dan What A Man

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