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Apr 302008

Looking for answers to some questions brought up by my friend about the ATT Go Phone commercial featuring Meat Loaf and got no where with Yahoo Answers. Not that it was my first choice. [This is a good example of how user supplied content can go awry.]

 Yahoo Answers, what’s the point? I assume they set this up to give people actual answers to their questions, but thus far I have not found anything good or accurate about the site. It is nothing more than a forum. My suggestion to people it to head to or search on Wikipedia, but still take your answers you get with a grain of salt. But for Yahoo Answers take those with an entire shaker of salt. Because the questions are ill formed and the answers are incomplete. You’ll find better answers by looking elsewhere.

Example: Googled Meat Loaf Go Phone Commercial [I wanted to know who was in the commercial with him]. I feel Google is at fault here too for ranking this idiotic site so high. The third result was for Yahoo Answers to this question:

“If you can remember 8 tracks, or the “Time Warp” then you probably won’t know Meat Loaf. Is that Ellen Foley (Paradise by the Dashboard Lights) with him in the commercial? I know Meat has two daughters, but does he have a son?”

The question was marked resolved with this answer:

“The wife in the commercial is 80’s pop star Tiffany.”

This only partly answers the question as Meat Loaf only has two daughters and no sons. To completely answer the question they could have told us who the actor playing the son is as well.

My problem with this whole system is with the incorrect and incomplete answers but sometimes it lies in the questions too. Like this question. I remember 8 tracks and the Time Warp and I certainly do know who Meat Loaf is. How could anyone who knows the Time Warp NOT know who Meat Loaf is? EDDIE!

Oh, I found the answer to who is the son in the commercial. According to Best Week Ever he is played by Adam Cagley.

Tiffany is getting to be quite the guest shot star herself. She was recently in the Robin Sparkles video on the TV show How I Met Your Mother.

Apr 302008

Texas is a big state with lots of things to do. I am not sure one visit would be enough. I luckily have friends who live in different areas of the state so I should be able to plan several trips to get the most out of the state especially when it comes to making plans to visit my friends in Houston.

I just came across this beautiful historic site, W.H. Stark House that I have to fit into one of the trips even if it is on the wrong side of the state, but thank goodness for those friends in Houston. It is a huge Victorian home turned into a museum located in the City of Orange about 120 miles east of Houston. I absolutely love the Victorian time period. Not that I would have wanted to be a female back in those days as I am certainly not into wearing all the dresses and lace, but I can appreciate the beauty of it all.

Lately I have been really getting into the whole steampunk scene too and this place fits that bill to a tee. Just seeing the outside of this place makes me want to go. It is huge and gorgeous! The folks that built it, William Henry Stark and Miriam Melissa Lutcher Stark, were avid collectors. And we all know collecting is an obsession and not just a hobby. You have got to see the stuff they have online and that is only a small portion of the entire collection on view at the W.H. Stark House.

They even have a bronze death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is right up my morbid little alley. Besides that there is other artwork, beautiful vintage household items (that only the rich then and now could ever hope to own) and not to be missed is the wonderfully steampunk 1909 Hupmobile Roadster. What an amazing looking automobile. What H. G. Wells or Jules Verne fan wouldn’t want to have that vehicle?

While the online images of this place are beyond amazing I truly do suggest that anyone near this place goes there.

Apr 292008

Flea Cat ToySo your kitty has put up with the combs, she’s put up with the shampooings, she’s even put up with the drops. Now it’s her turn for revenge on that little pest that’s bothered her so long.

Get your kitty this adorable little plush flea catnip toy and watch her go crazy. The flea catnip cat toy is 3” long and filled with genuine organic catnip from the fine folks at Multipet who know pets just wanna have fun.

Give your kitty one of these and she won’t mind you asking her in your kitty voice, “Whose got fleas? Who’s the kitty with the big bad fleas?”

Your cat will love getting the bite on this cute critter.

Last week I told you all about the dog toy I bought without having a dog just because it was so darned cute. Well now my kitties get to have fleas too and they just love it! Thanks to the fine folks at

Apr 292008

Some how I wound up on Rosie O’Donnell’s website last night which reminded me about her blog. Why reminded me? For some unknown reason I was watching some celebrity expose (I never watch biographies let alone tabloid TV so I am not quite sure why I was watching that show), any who, she said something about how a news show or magazine (not sure which) had quoted her from her blog. Well the quote happened to be lyrics from a song and not an actual quote from her. That’s what I had remembered while poking around her site.

Rosie’s Website showing Vier MinutenI was just about to click on the blog link to see if I could find anything of interest when I scrolled down the homepage and saw a little blurb about a movie I had seen a trailer for one night while watching a DVD. The movie is called Vier Minuten (or Four Minutes in English) it is a German film about a very talented and troubled piano player. The trailer floored me and I had written the name of the film down to remember it when it finally comes to DVD. That was month’s ago. The only information I can find on the web for it is the art film scene last year and the original German release in 2006. When is it coming to the USA? I really want to see this film. Of course while telling us it is a good film does not say how or where we can see it. In fact when you click on the “more” link it only takes you to another listing of films and Vier Minuten is not even listed! Rosie help a girl out and tell me how to find this film. I realize that being a star you most likely were sent a screener (I  get them too for my site, but since this is not a sci-fi film I can’t see them sending me one). I just need details when or if this will be available.

Andy’s Film World has a great write up on Vier Minuten and also posts the YouTube video trailer for the film. Head on over and check it out.

Any one with info on Vier Minuten / Four Minutes coming to DVD or where I can see this film please post it here in the comments. Thanks!

Apr 282008

The Time MachineThe guys of Big Bang Theory buy the prop time machine from the film The Time Machine. Leonard jumps in and sets the machine to March 10, 1876 the date of the famous first phone call. They proceed to argue over the fact that they all want to go but they would not be able to all fit into the small lab and agree that they should travel into the future to get a cloaking device first. Here’s their conversation about the cloaking device.

Sheldon: First go into the future and obtain a cloaking device.
Rajesh: How far into the future?
Sheldon: If I remember correctly Captain Kirk will steal a cloaking device from the Romulans on stardate 5027.3, which will be January 10th 2328 by pre-Federation reckoning.

As a collector and a fan that plays with their toys the scene that followed was hilarious with the four guys acting out the high speed action that goes on around Leonard while traveling in the time machine. Penny comes in to tell them all how pathetic they all are for still playing with toys. Leonard then goes on to re-evaluate his life, his maturity and his collection. (Bad Penny.)

The Nerdvana that Leonard has created is disappearing as he is packing up his collection to sell to the comic book guy down the street. All his friends want to buy it off of him but he refuses saying it will hurt their friendship if he sells his stuff to one over the others. They try to stop him and he pulls out a Playmates Star trek figures and threatens to open it. NRFB None Shall Pass

Sheldon: No I can’t let you do this.
Leonard: Sheldon, get out of my way.
Sheldon: (Grabbing a sword from Leonard’s box) None shall pass.
Leonard: Okay. I did not want to do this, but…I have here the rare mint condition production error Star Trek: The Next Generation Geordi Laforge without his visor in the original packaging. If you do not get out of my way I will open it.
Howard: Okay, man be cool. We’re all friends here.

Playmates Toys on CBSPenny comes out and Sheldon lets her have it.

Sheldon: You hypocrite.
Penny: What?
Sheldon: Little miss grown-ups don’t play with toys. If I went in to that apartment right now would I not find Beanie Babies? Are you not an accumulator of Care Bears and My Little Ponies? And who is that Japanese feline I see frolicking on your shorts. Hello Hello Kitty.

Penny then apologizes to Leonard about the day before and he just about asks her out when a hunky guy comes up and goes into her apartment with her. Leonard grabs his toys and heads back into the apartment saying, “My turn on the time machine”.

Apr 282008

I have gone through three Comcast Cable DVRs since I have first had them and last night mine started acting up again! Last night’s problem had something to do with the hard drive or the software. I could watch TV, but god forbid I should try to pause or rewind. When I did that all I got was a black screen. From the black screen of nothingness I couldn’t get back to my show either. I had to go to another channel and back again to get anything.

But that wasn’t the only issue, I could not view any of the programs I had recorded to the DVR. They acted the same way. Hit play and all I got was a black screen nothing else, no picture. I was a bit distraught as I have the complete season of Heroes on there to watch and the last four episodes of the Terminator. Both shows I could probably get on DVD sometime soon, but why when I had them already?

Thank the fates that a complete shut down (unplugging and waiting 5-10 minutes) then rebooting seemed to do the trick. Although the box did not seem to want to come back from its complete shut down. It turned on, blinked and went right back off. Third time was a charm and I got a connection. First I tried to pause and it seemed okay, then I went to my recorded programs picked one that was recording while this whole problem was going on and I had picture and sound (at least for the first couple of minutes, I still need to fully test to be sure).

I have had quite a few issues with this box like the sound mysteriously disappearing for no reason. The picture freezes quite often. We get the lovely square digital pixels in the middle of the screen like there is a bad connection somewhere. With the first box we had the guy come out several times he finally put in some type of signal booster, although I don’t think it has truly helped us. That box completely died a long time ago.

Shows don’t always record. Setting a series up is easy enough as long as you want to tape every single show every time it is repeated. I have to manually set recordings for a every week because I can’t tell the DVR to record a show every Thursday at 10 pm only. I have to set it up to record all (because the guide doesn’t tell the system that the only NEW show is Thursday at 10pm and that all the others are repeats throughout the week). Having it record all shows screws with other shows I have series recordings for so I can’t make this easy on myself. The old Comcast software used to let you choose to record this show on the same day/time every week. I wish they would bring that back.

There is still an issue with no sound when you turn the box on. You have to go to the DVR and hit play then go back to whatever show you wanted to watch just so you can hear it. This was an issue early on that was only half way fixed. Either that or it came back.

Biggest problem I have with them is the fact that the DVR even with the problems wasn’t a bad deal, price wise, to begin with. I think I started out paying $10 a month for my box. Each (I have two – even though they kept trying to tell me I was not allowed to have two. That’s why the other one is still a single tuner as I am afraid to take it in an have them refuse to give me another one). Then the prices went up to $11 bucks a month, still cheaper than the Tivo service. Then they rose again and I saw that I had two different prices on my bills for the two different boxes (I really need to find out why) but they jumped to $12 and $16. Now I see by the latest Comcast Cable bill on my table the costs have gone up again to $12 and $18! Okay, now I am seriously going to be looking into a Tivo the Comcast prices have now exceeded the Tivo service fees and in my book the Tivo (an actual Tivo and not this non-working Tivo software crap from Comcast that I have been reading about online) is a much better product and service.

I can’t live without my DVR but no one says it has to be a buggy piece of crap from Comcast just because they are a monopoly and I don’t have any other cable options. Yes there is always Fios, DirectTV or Dish Network as alternatives (and some of these are cheaper and offer more channels too), but I have invested far too much time and money with Comcast to let them ignore me. If you are sick of the ever increasing prices, lack of services and failing equipment please do like me and call them about it. Their number is easy enough 1-800-COMCAST.

Apr 272008

Comcast needs to do some re-organizing of their channel line up. That way they can give us some channels we want. Some of the newer ones out there like the Chiller Channel and some long awaited ones like Boomerang. (The Chiller Channel is so much better than that Fear Net onDemand crap we have now and we should have had Boomerang added to the Comcast line up years ago.

Just a few years ago (if even that long) Comcast removed what they considered duplicate or redundant channels such as all the East Coast line ups for the premium channels. Which really were redundant as it offered different programs at different times therefore giving us even more viewing options. Well if Comcast wants to stand by their decision to remove duplicate channels they got some work ahead of them.

Their On Demand service is on channel one, but there are at least 22 other channels that point back to Channel 1. That list doesn’t even include the seven channels that are all pay per view. I thought that the OnDemand service replaced the old pay per view system. Didn’t it?

Comcast’s onDemand menu is not that hard to navigate so why so many channels all pointing back to the same place? Plus once you click on one of the other channels like say the movies on demand channel 315, it takes you to that section only. You cannot get to the OD main menu from the one. You have to exit and re-enter the On Demand menu all over again. Which can be a pain depending on how long it takes the menus and content to load. Personally, I never access those subsections because of this draw back and only go to Channel 1 so I have all my options available to me at one time.

I am tired of hearing Comcast say they don’t have enough channels in their system when they are wasting so many channels on their own crap. I haven’t even mentioned the duplicate channels they are using for the high def channels. The premium stations like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz all have HD channels in their group of channels but Comcast also list them down in the HD channels too. Why? Clean up the channels and give us more content please.

The HD channels that can be removed are:

215 HBO HD
219 MAX HD
223 SHO HD
227 Starz HD

Because they are already in the channel listings as:

300 HBO HD
319 Cinemax HD
339 Showtime HD
369 Starz HD

As for all the duplicates of Channel 1 they are:

151 Movies OD
166 Fear Net onDemand
228 HD on Demand
238 HD on Demand
297 Local on Demand
298 Free Movies on Demand
 299 HBO on Demand
315 Movies on Demand
366 Movies on Demand
390 HERE! On Demand
487 HD on Demand
488 Free HD OD Movies
490 HD Premium Channels on Demand
491 HD Music on Demand
499 Movies on Demand
740 Exercise OD
886 Entertainment OD
888 Searchlight OD
891 Searchlight OD
892 Searchlight OD
893 Searchlight OD

I will leave the duplicate Spanish channels out of my griping as they are needed, especially in areas with a high Spanish speaking population like ours. But why, oh why, all the channels pointing back to the same place? If you really want to offer us better service and give us more options then add a few channels to the line up and stop pointing everything back to your on demand service.

If you are sick of paying the high, high prices for Comcast Cable then do something about it. Pick up the phone and give them a call and tell them you want more channels, better programming and less channels going to OD content! Their phone number is 1-800-COMCAST. Go ahead and give them a call.

Apr 262008

Earlier this week I wrote about all the Star Trek references in Monday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory but I had missed the first few minutes of the show. Thanks to for posting full episodes I was able to see the rest of the show and get you all the following transcripts of the stuff I missed on Monday.

Howard: Yo, more details about the new Star Trek film. There’s going to be a scene depicting Spock’s birth.

Rajesh: I’d be more interested in a scene depicting Spock’s conception.

Sheldon: Oh, please. For Vulcans mating or if you will , Pon Far is an extremely private matter.

Leonard: Still I would like to know the details. His mother was human and his father was Vulcan they couldn’t just conceive.

Howard: Maybe they had to go to a clinic. Imagine Spock’s dad in a little room with a copy of Pointy Ears & Shapely Rears.

Rajesh: How come on Star Trek everybody’s private parts are the same? No alien lady ever told Captain Kirk, “Hey get your thing out of my nose”.

Sheldon: You want me to use my intelligence in a tawdry competition? Would you ask Picasso to play Pictionary? Would you ask Noah Webster to play Boggle? Would you ask Jacque Cousteau to play Go Fish?Leonard: Come on you need a four person team. We’re for people.Sheldon: By that reasoning we should also play bridge, hold up a huppa and enter the Olympic bobsled competition.

Penny: Tickets to that please.

Leonard: Sheldon. What, do I have to quote Spock’s dying words to you?

Sheldon: No. Don’t.

Leonard: The needs of the many

Howard: Out weigh the needs of the few

Sheldon: Or the one. Damn it I’ll do it. (Holds up the Vulcan salute.)

Apr 252008

Harvey Dent Take Back Gotham Graffiti A few weeks ago on my way to work I noticed a bit of graffiti on a bridge I go under every day. I tried for a few weeks now to get a piture of it one that was clear enough to bother posting. I think this one will do.Harvey Dent Take Back Gotham Graffiti The top image is a cropped detail shot of just the graffiti the bottom image is a little wider so you can get a better idea of the entire scene.

It actually took me two days of driving by this to actually confirm that it was a cool Batman graffiti that I saw and not just your ordinary everyday tag on a bridge.

Someone took the time to paint a large white rectangle then come back and fill in the red and blue campaign banner for Harvey Dent. I have been trying to stay away from too much info on The Dark Knight, don’t want to ruin the film for myself, you know.  I do know Harvey Dent is mentioned on the official site and I have seen online campaign posters for him, but this is the first real world example I have seen.

Thought I first saw the posters or a link to them on the official site. Now the official site links to a Heath Ledger Memorial Page. But there is always the online campaign headquarters for Harvey Dent with posters, stickers etc for you to download and use in your support of Mr. Dent. You can then upload your images and videos, but I don’t think they meant for you to vandalize bridges. Then again maybe they did. I am not going through the hundreds of uploads looking for this piece of work any who.

There is a fan trailer for The Dark Knight on YouTube that shows a Two-Face coin being flipped. If WB does have Dent turn into Two Face in the film I hope it is not until the end. If we learned nothing from the third and fourth films from their past attempts on this franchise it was not to cloud the film with multiple villains.

Apr 242008

Mega Monsters I picked these up a few weeks back for my monster toy collection [it is not all Star Trek you know]. I got the ghoul, gargoyle, and mummy, but there are six all together. The other three are a werewolf, vampire, and zombie. Of those three, I think the only other one I might get would be the zombie.

The Plasma Kreaps come inside a rubbery bag inside a plastic crate. Once you free all the parts you get to put your monster together. Best part is you can mix and match your Plasma Kreaps to make other strange monsters. The bits and pieces are interchangeable with other Plasma toys to make some rather interesting creatures. Each toy stands about 3″ high.