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Jul 312008

In case you were wondering what I was talking about in my last post, I am speaking of the new line of DC toys from Mattel the DC Infinite Heroes. This a new scale for The DC guys standing a mere 3.75 inches tall (same scale as Star Wars and Indian Jones).

According to my sources (Toy magazines, internet, and Previews) these weren’t supposed to hit until August with new waves in the fall, but I found them at Toys R Us and Target already.

Available now are: Shazam, Adam Strange, Guy Gardner, Zoom and two three packs, which consist of Gordon and two Gotham Swat team members and Flash, Weather Wizard, and Mirror Master.

I was able to pick up the 3 packs at Target and got 4 of the 7 individual figures pictured on the backs of the cards at Toys R us (Target had the same individual figures I had already purchased at TRU). My guess is the rest pictured will appear in another wave of figures.

Since I stopped collecting the Justice League figures (they were just too hard to find and the new figures are all in 3-packs with figures I already have. It was getting way too expensive plus they are hard to display. My entire collection fell over like dominoes. These are a great alternative. DC Infinite Heroes will feature new and classic characters, I might not even mind having to buy yet another Batman and Superman in the new scale (although I do think the new small scale Dark Knight figures will fit right in with this tiny plastic crowd.

My Guy Gardner Figure will be going back as I just learned of a TRU exclusive
6- pack, which will include Guy, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Man hunter, damaged Man hunter and Qwardian, Like the JL figures the only unique ones will be Hal Jordan, John Stewart and damaged Man hunter.

Future 3-packs are Superman, Wonder Girl and Super Girl and Captain Boomerang, Star fire and Raven. Toyfare also lists Hush as an individual figure which would make sense if this first wave has four individuals and list three other figures on the back.

Each figure has 10 points of articulation, a pretty good likeness and the all important peg hole for a stand (not included).

Looks like the female figures will only have six to eight points of articulation and I am keeping my fingers crossed they will have a hole in the foot too.

Jul 302008

I like going into a toy store and finding new action figures in their aisles. In the last few months action figures seem to have taken a turn toward playability again. Hasbro has release 3.75″ Indy figures. The same scale as the Star Wars figures.

Now Mattel has released DC characters in the same scale. They have good Sculpts and good articulation. So why did we ever put up with those seven and eight inch mini sculptures that didn’t move and were no fun to play with?

So now my Star Wars figures can hang out with and play with my new Indiana Jones and Super hero figures. Shazam can swoop down and save R2 from The clutches of Black Adam and Darth Vadar as Indy rides away on his horse. (Yeah I play with my toys.) I have always loved small figures and hope this scale keeps going strong!

Jul 282008

My head is killing me. I have had a headache for the last three weeks. But today actually feels more like a migraine than a normal old headache. I bought a new pillow today to see if that is some of the problem.

The pain starts at the base of my skull and wraps around to the front. So I thought it might be a bit of a stiff neck, we’ll see. Today though I woke up and the front of my head was killing me worse than usual. It would not go away. Prescription Motrin didn’t even dull the pain. My eyes even hurt, well here’s hoping I get some sleep and that it helps.

Jul 262008

I stopped by Michael’s today to pick up some stuff for my yet unannounced project and I saw they have most of their Halloween stuff out already. Loads of new haunted houses from Lemax. These are similar to The Dept. 56 houses just not as good or as expensive. We have been collecting these for several years now. The haunted village gets set up on years we don’t have our big Halloween blow out.

New Tomb for my GraveyardNothing really thrills me this year, which is good as I can use the money for something else. I did pick up a Crypt for my mini cemetery and a set of light up tombstones. Normally, I stay away from the figures but this year they had a Zombie dog chasing a Zombie cat that I just had to get.

Now that the light up stones are out of the package I am not too sure about them. I will wait a see what B has to say. If I get approval I will keep them if not back they go. If I can find pictures of last years display I will post them here.

Jul 262008

The new Star Wars figures hit stores today the wave includes figures from past movies as well as the upcoming Clone Wars CGI animated feature.

About half of the Clone Wars figures had a first day of release sticker on the front, which will have collectors running around trying to find them.

There are also two more droids to build; I guess the other druid factory venture worked out well for Hasbro. It looked like it takes 4 or 5 figures to build each droid.

The Clone Wars figures look pretty good. In fact I think they look better than the on screen characters. (I am not a fan of the cgi look of the new film. To me it looks like they took all the video game film clips and stuck them together to make the film. Don’t get me wrong I will still be going to the theater to see this new Star Wars flick.)

Jul 242008

Virtual KeyboardNow here is a bit of technology any sci-fi geek would think stepped off the screen of the latest Terminator movie, (you do know Christian (Batman) Bale has signed to do 3 Terminator movies don’t you?) This cool device shines a red laser keyboard on any flat surface. As they say over at, the future has arrived. How Sweet is that?

I like it when real tech could double as TV and film props.

Jul 232008

The Dollar Tree has their Halloween stuff starting to hit the shelves; I just got a couple of gargoyles and tabletop tombstones. Not bad for only a buck apiece.

They are made of some type of ceramic or plaster so you have to watch out for chips. The gargoyles will be out all the time. If I had my way the little tombstones would be out year round too.

Jul 212008

Skeleton ChairsI’m currently on the look out for one or two free straight back chairs for yet another project I want to try, I saw this DIY Halloween project posted over at and I want some. So first step is to find the chairs, which could take a while. So until the chairs are in my possession I’m not going to worry about not having a jigsaw (I think my Dad has one I could use). I’ll worry about that once this project is under way.

Jul 192008

There’s this guy that is doing amazing Halloween displays. His main medium is papier mache. I stumbled across his site the other day,, This guy’s work is amazing.

I wish I had half his talent. If I did, I would be armpit deep in papier mache right now. Once I get a few things planned out for my displays this year I might have to try out some of these techniques he shows off. If mine work out I will certainly post them here. If they don’t I’ll just make mention of my failures.

Jul 172008

OLED KeybaordI think this could be considered the world’s most expensive keyboard probably only surpassed by keyboards on the space shuttle (or others purchased by the US government as they tend to over pay). Each key has its own OLED screen so you can customize it to your hearts content and at 1500 bucks it should do your work for you!

 Apparently can’t keep these expensive keyboards in stock. You can backorder them and get yours as soon as they come in stock.

Jul 152008

It is only July and we are already getting back-to-school and Halloween being shoved down our little retail throats. Halloween I don’t mind, school I could live without (and I don’t even take classes any more – it is just that to me back-to-school means the beginning of the end). The only thing good about […]

Jul 112008
Blobfest Starts Today

It is the 50th anniversary of the film THE BLOB. Filmed in Chester County way back in 1958 and starring Steve McQueen. Each year the Colonial Theater (this would be the theater in the famous scene where everyone is running out escaping the BLOB) has a BLOBfest to celebrate their fifteen minutes of fame and […]