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Aug 292008

School has barely even started and it is already time to begin preparations for Christmas. If you work retail you know what I mean. Halloween will be here and gone. Quickly followed by Thanksgiving then Christmas. As for retail Halloween won’t even be here by the time stores are filling up with holiday decorations and stocking shelves for all those shoppers out there buying gifts for their friends and loved ones. This quarter of the year really flies by. For retailers it doesn’t even really start until black friday (the day after Thanksgiving when all heck breaks loose). Personally, I have never been able to experience the whole Black Friday experience. I have always had to work that day. There seems to be a bit of madness that goes on that day. In a way I would like to see the other side of it at some point.

I would definitely set out on Black Friday with a plan. Find out what stores where offering what sales and special deals well in advance of the big day. Set up a game plan and stick to it as best as I could. The best way to find out ahead of time which stores are having the best sales or offering almost free merchandise is to use a website like It is their job to find out what is going to be in the Wal-Mart, Toys R Us or Circuit City ads well in advance of Black Friday. Oh and the best part is they even have links so you can buy some of those great deals online without going out and fighting the crowds. I remember last year Wal-Mart was practically giving away laptops to those who were willing to get there early in the morning and wait in line. I have already book marked the site and will be working on my plan of attack for the Toys R Us specials this year.

Aug 292008

Today started out very iffy, but it turned itself around (a little bit at least). I was on my way to work when my check engine light came on. My car is only three years old. It does have almost 93,000 miles on it due to my daily commute to work. My big fear is that it will die before I even get it paid off. Thank goodness the light came on close to where my parents live so when it started hesitating I was too scared at least I wasn’t on the turnpike! I borrowed my parent’s car and headed off to work secure in the knowledge that my dad would take care of finding out what was wrong with my car. I still don’t know.

But to add insult to injury (so to speak) the guy at the turnpike when I went to pay my toll was a bit of a jackass. I handed him my ticket and $20. His response was to stand there like a big idiot holding my twenty and telling me that the toll is only 75 cents. As if I did not know how much it was after driving this route for nearly five years. I looked back at him and just said, “I know. That is all I have (and it was too or I would have given him something else).” Was he that dense or just that lazy that he did not want to count out my change to me?

So I finally get to work and everything is business as usual. Nothing too taxing, which made me happy. Plus the added bonus of a free lunch. Even though I still don’t know what is up with my vehicle my day wasn’t a total pile o’ pooh.

While I was writing this my mom called they fixed my car and I can take theirs back tomorrow. It was the camshaft position sensor, whatever that is.

Aug 292008

So, you have decided to try and make a buck online. Maybe open an online store. And why not the world of eCommerce is wide open and easy to get started. All you need is a website or host with a shopping cart to get started. Add a few products and a way you go. Of course you can start out having payments emailed to you and pay the high fees involved for the convenience or just have them send you an old fashion check, but eventually you will want to be able to accept credit cards therefore keeping pace with the internet.

A lot of people are afraid of setting up a merchant account or don’t think they could afford it. Guess what? They’re wrong. Merchant Advisors is there to help and they offer free credit card processing with a low per transaction fee that really does beat the other guys. They are the smart choice for both virtual and brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll want to check out their merchant services for more information about their merchant accounts for both physical and online stores.

Aug 282008

I was just reading about a Comic Book Show in Reading, PA at the Expo Center. The Expo’s website had no information about the show other than the dates (September 6-7). So I did a search for more info and learned that the show is hosted by Comic Geek Speak. For more show information check out their website at There you’ll find out who is exhibiting and what guests will be there. I might be going just to check it out.

It is sponsored by Golden Eagle Comics. I used really like that shop before the owner got sick and it was being run by this guy I don’t really care for mostly because he just wasn’t friendly like Lem. I really enjoyed stopping by and talking geek with Lem he was a great guy. I just learned tonight from a post over at comics bulletin from Lead Slinger Studios that he had passed away earlier this year. He will be missed. He has been missed. Golden Eagle just has not been the same without him.

Aug 272008

Mini Mag Display StandsNormally my post of things I want turn out to be cool expensive gadgets I’ll never get, but this week it is actually something I will be placing an order for soon. These magnetic action figure display stands are pretty cool. The stands fit standard action figure peg holes (as long as the figure’s foot comes with a hole) and have a magnet on the bottom. The displays are either flat sheets or multi-tiered pieces of powder coated metal to keep your figures where you put them. I should be getting mine in the next couple of weeks then if I like it I’ll have to buy more as I have way too many toys to display.

I’ll also have to figure out what I am doing with all my action figures with no hole in the foot like those darn Diamond Select Star Trek figures of mine. Do I drill a peg hole (taking the chance of ruining the figure and or devaluing it) or use Velcro (which could also ruin the figure)? Well guess I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Aug 262008

Mad Max (not The Road Warrior) but the actual Australian un-dubbed version is currently playing on my TV. At first I was wondering why they dubbed his voice at all because the accent really isn’t that bad. But as the film progresses Mel’s voice gets quieter and he is a bit of a mumbly mouth too.

So I guess that might be the real reason they dubbed the voices and not really because of the Aussie accent. Then I find myself asking why is this film such a classic? It really isn’t very good. In fact you could cut the first hour and not miss a thing.

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Aug 252008

Watched the movie 28 Weeks Later the other day even though I really did not like the first film. The first film, 28 Days Later, was much better than the second one and that still isn’t saying too much. Both films spend far too much time showing us shots of an empty London and never bother to give us any real action or even much of a plot. Sad, it had some potential to add new lure to the zombie genre but both fell short. I should of listened to my instincts and stayed away from this film, but I was bored. Not that this film helped that at all.

Aug 252008

Predator CostumeIt is getting to be that time again when ones thoughts turn towards the question of what am I going to be this year? That’s right the age-old Halloween costume question. Each and every year the choices get hard, but that’s just because every year there seems to be more and more to choose from.

Are you going to go as a super hero, a monster, a movie or TV character, a historical figure or as something silly? I usually opt for the TV or movie costumes myself and then I usually stick with something from a sci-fi or horror film. In the past I have been Freddy Kruger, a Borg, a frozen victim of the Titanic, the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, Dracula, Spock, Captain Picard, Jack the Ripper, and Winnie the Pooh (nothing too scary there).

I am still trying to figure out this year’s outfit, but I am I just don’t know if I am going to be on my own (if that’s the case I’ll get that cool Predator costume pictured above) or if we are doing the couple thing again this year. If we do the couple costumes thing, I guess my other half could be an Alien and we could reenact AVP.

If I could talk a few friends into it we would get the Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes I found at Halloween Adventure. I just don’t know who I could convince to be Frank-n-furter so that is probably out. Back in the day when we were going every week to see RHPS we would have loved to have had ready made halloween costumes to buy.

Halloween Adventure has a costume for you. Head over to their site to read their blog ( ) for news and information about the costume industry. Go buy your costumes before October 10th, 2008 and get 5% off when you use Coupon Code: PPP05BLOG2008. Happy Halloween everyone.

Aug 242008

So you want to turbocharge your car. Well, you’ll want to start at your source for turbocharges, superchargers and other parts for you car whether its an Audi, a VW or another model car they have the part for you. Check them out next time you go looking for a VW turbocharger or Chevrolet […]

Aug 242008
Real Life Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one heck of hard game to find. I had to borrow a friend’s to see if I like it before resorting to ordering it online. I guess I might have to buy it, as it is pretty fun. Although I do suck at it guess I’ll get better with practice. I ran […]