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Sep 302008

Halloween Nerds CandyI mean the Nerds candy not the geeky guys knocking on the door. Wonka Nerds have four Halloween candies each in its own test tube topped with a scary monster. The Mummy Makeover is filled with white Nerds, which are fruit punch flavored, but taste a lot like Smarties (remember Smarties?). Then there’s Werewolf Morph wildberry, Vampire Vaccine cherry, and Bat Bite Antidote grape.

They are made by Nestle and can be found in the candy or Halloween aisles. Price ranges from $.99 to $1.99 each. Nerds fans will like these.

Monster toy collectors like myself might find the toppers a little disappointing. They do not really lend themselves to easy display within a collection.

Sep 292008

Big Bang TheoryIn the season opener of Big Bang Theory we find Sheldon staying over at Howard’s because he cannot keep a secret Penny told him from Leonard. Once settled in bed Sheldon begins to ramble about Catwoman due to the Halle Berry Poster over Howard’s bed.

Here’s their conversation. After this I will give my list of favorite Catwomen.

Halle Berry as CatwomanSheldon: That poster of Halle Berry is a little unnerving.

Howard: So don’t look at it.

Sheldon: She’s like my fourth favorite Catwoman.

Howard: No Kidding.

Michelle Pfeiffer CatwomanSheldon: Yeah, Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt and then her.

Howard: What about Lee Meriweather?

Sheldon: Oh, I forgot about Lee Meriweather.

Howard: Well I’m glad that is settled.

Lee Meriweather as CatwomanSheldon: That makes Halle Berry my fifth favorite Catwoman. It’s Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriweather”

Howard: Please I’m begging you go to sleep.

Sheldon: I’m trying. I’m counting Catwomen.

Julie Newmar as catwomanSheldon: She did make a fine mutant in the X-Men movies, though.

Howard: Oh for God sake.

Sheldon: She’s not my favorite of the X-Men though. In order that would be wolverine, Cyclops — wait I forgot Professor X. Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, then Storm, Angel, the Beast — No wait Nightcrawler. Professor X, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Cyclos, Iceman, then Storm, Angel, the Beast.

Eartha Kitt as CatwomanI have to disagree with Sheldon a little on the order of Catwomen.

My favorite Catwoman is Michelle Pfeiffer, then Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Halle Berry, Lee Meriweather. (And we’ll throw Adrienne Barbeau in there as well. She played Catwoman in Batman the Animated Series).

For more on Catwoman check out

Sep 282008

Haunted Bird Feeder w/ Black LightsWell, I think the ole haunted bird feeder is finally complete (mostly). I have a few finishing touches still, but for all intents and purposes it is pretty much done at this point. I addedd the mini strobe to the interior that I had talk about in a previous post and added a bunch of black light (UV) LEDs to the exterior to bring out all the cool glowy parts. Adding those gave me a chance to dig out my soldering iron.

I really had fun puting this thing together and it really was pretty easy. Why not try making your own. All you need is the bird feeder, some paint, sculpy and the optional lighting. Go have fun with your birdies.

Here’s a 360 degree look at the finished thing with both the strobe and black lights turned on.

Sep 272008

Today was the big day for the Berks Humane Society. It was their annual Walk for the Animals and Walktoberfest. This year it was held at the First Energy Stadium home of the Reading Phillies because it outgrew all its previous venues. The turn out was great and really big crowd of dogs and their walkers. I don’t have a dog, but that does not mean I don’t like them (even if I am allergic to them I still love all animals and want to do what I can to help those in need). The weather held out and was only a fine mist no rain (thank goodness for the reduced wet dog smell).

There were plenty of things to do and see besides the walk. Vendors inside selling everything from dog toys to housewares. Loads of rescues pleading their causes and tugging at heart strings! Dog lovers of all shapes and sizes were there along with the pups of varying shapes and sizes. Below are my photos (I could have taken so many more, but you’ll get the idea and maybe you can join us next year).

I want to thank everyone who helped sponsor me your donations are greatly appreciated! We raised $105 for the Humane Society. It is great to know I could be a small part of something so big.

My cats wondering why I was going to play w/dogs! Humane Society of Berks County Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 - small fight broke out Walktoberfest 2008 Mascot

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Senator O’Pake Re: Puppy Mills

Senator O’Pake Adorable Puppy Walktoberfest 2008

French Bull Dog Bee Not too happy bulldog Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Sep 262008

I cannot tell you how hard it is to live a soy free life. Even when your life depends on it.

Two years ago I discovered I was allergic to soy when my Dad gave me a glass of Silk Chocolate soy milk. I really liked the taste, but by the end of the glass my voice was changing and my throat was closing. That was the beginning of the end as far as being able to eat what I want or what I like. Soy is in just about everything from Mountain dew to bread.

At first I just stayed away from the obvious sources like soy milk, protein bars (well anything with protein in the name), tofu and anything in the SoyJoy line. But that wasn’t enough. This year when I was tested again my allergy to soy had increased. So I am now reading all labels (which makes grocery shopping take a very long time) in search of soy free foods. This is not an easy task. If I was a dog it would be easy to find soy free foods, but as a human nearly all food contains soy of some type.

All I ask is for a commercial mayonnaise to be made without any soybean oil or soy source at all. I thought I found one with Hellmann’s Canola Mayo, but unfortunately is has soy in it. The ingredients list on the product itself does not say is has soy, which is why I thought it was soy free (and apparently so do a lot of people — do a search). But list the complete ingredients and the natural flavors come from SOY! You have to be leery of those hidden forms of soy that manufacturers feel they don’t have to list on the product itself. I was so excited when I first discovered this product, which has since been replaced with even more disappointment. 🙁

Hellmann’s Canola Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise ingredients as listed on their website:


Guess I’ll have to try making my own soy free mayo. Problem with making my own is all the mayonnasie recipes I found have mustard in them. I am allergic to mustard as well.

Sep 252008

Fly Fusion Pen LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is more than just a digital pen. It is an educational tool as well. It is made by Leapfrog so we adults that are using it sometimes feel like we are using a kid’s toy more than a productive piece of equipment. I would say that the fly fusion is geared more toward the junior high (oops I am showing my age there, I mean middle school) and high school crowds, but college students and adults can also use it.

As you write on special paper with the pen it scans your text into the pen then you download your notes to your PC where you can store, email, edit and organize them. You can get additional math and language programs for the pen as well. All your applications can be accessed through a control panel on the fly fusion notebooks. You can even play MP3s through the pen.

Since I’m not in school I don’t really need the added test prep or math programs, but the composition and language programs could be of some use. For the most part the pen work s pretty well. I do have to fix a few errors once my handwriting is converted to a word document, but I would need to proof read a typed document as well. For $ 79 you get the pen, a very thin notebook and $10 download card to use with the enclosed software so you can add games and other apps right away. If you head over to the online store you can pick up additional notebooks, ink, memory cards, a case and other goodies.

I bought the Target exclusive black pen because I thought it looked classier. Well it doesn’t any more because nothing else comes in black. So my pen now looks like Frankenstein. Also the ink is only about 2 thirds that of a regular pen so you’ll want extras right away and I have not seen the ink refills in any store just online. Ink is available in blue, red or green but not black. I like the pen it is nice to carry a tablet and pen with me instead of my laptop. If you do a lot of writing (blogging) you might want to take a look a the fly fusion for under a hundred bucks it is a handy tool to have.

Right now the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is only $50 at Amazon.

Sep 242008

Digital PenDigital pens are so cool. I first saw the livescribe pen at Target and boy does it look sweet (I am writing this using the fly fusion digital pen), The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen looks to be more geared to college students and business people over the LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer. Live scribe also records the audio as you write and it can be played back with just a tap of the pen on your tablet. With digital pens you don’t have to lug your heavy laptop with you just a pen and paper is all you need. Bloggers are going to love this new toy. Simply hand write your posts then upload them to your PC. Proof read and cut and paste, viola you’re all done. (If it works, but reports/reviews say the LiveScribe pen does not convert your handwriting to text just yet.)

Sep 232008

I was very sad to see that Boston Legal will be ending after this season. This was the only TV series I was really waiting for all summer. Bummer.

Guess I will have to enjoy Denny Crane as much as possible this season while I can. The premiere wasn’t all that special, but it was a good show none-the-less. Best thing about it was Denny’s worrying about his junk not working.

Sep 222008

Worst Week was the worst series premiere so far. I think it just might keep that title too. It was actually painful to watch. It was very predictable and not in the least bit funny. The characters weren’t the least bit interesting or compelling. At least CBS thought ahead and stuck this at the end of a good line up instead of in the middle of it. Otherwise it would have ruined my TV viewing for the evening. As it was I switched over to ABC with 15 minutes left in the episode to sit through the end of Dancing With The Stars (another pointless TV series, but one that is still better than Worst Week) so I was ready for the Boston Legal season premiere. I hope that Worst Week gets yank soon and they stick something better at the end of the Monday comedy line because that show was anything but funny.

Sep 202008

I just had one of the weirdest dreams. But then again what dream isn’t a bit strange?

I am in a hotel room with about three other people. I think they are friends or family, but I never identify them in the dream I only feel familiar with them. We are on computers, working, playing who knows. Then we head to the cars to go to the movies. The guy I am with gets on a CB radio (do they even make those any more?) and is talking to a guy three cars down in the parking lot. End scene.

A group of people, me included, is sitting around discussing the movies we just saw. End scene. I never see the theater in this dream, which is kind of odd as I do have a reoccurring theater dream, but this dream did not include that theater.

I was sitting with a bunch of women discussing politics when in walks Sarah Palin. We were in my dead Grandmother’s living room. She and someone on her “team” started telling us about the opposition and that they were having a meeting with an online chat. We were told to go and disrupt the meetings in any way we saw fit. Since I absolutely hate smear campaigns (and that is all the republicans seem to be doing in at their own convention where they already had the support) thought this was horrible. I followed another woman back to the bathroom and asked her if she felt this was wrong and she totally agreed with me. End scene.

Moving down a road (3 or 4 lanes on every side) to a very busy intersection. I am not sure how we are moving, driving or walking. In front of us we hear all this screeching and screaming. It was a group of about twenty kids walking and running around in the middle of the highway pretending to be driving. We yell at them to be safe. End scene.

Walking toward a tight, high walled corridor with a large group of people next to that highway (so I guess we were walking too). We see a couple of bikers turn at the intersection. One had a rifle strapped to his hog. One of the kids from earlier yells, “he’s got a gun.” We are now in the corridor and I notice the people around me and I lean into one of the bigger, burlier looking biker dudes and said, “Yeah, so who doesn’t ride a bike and carry a gun.” He laughed at that and we keep walking. Then I am approached by a kind of hot biker chick (not as scary as the big guy, but a little tough) and we start chatting. She’s telling me about all the guys she is always with (hanging out with that is). We are walking toward a movie theater (second one in this dream sequence), but this one is more like a dingy basement or warehouse room with rows of sofas, a screen and projector in it than a real theater. As we get to the door my new friend is saying how the guys are nice and some are gay, but it is hard being a lesbian and meeting women. She then turns to me pointing out a sofa for me to get us seats. She wants me to sit between a lone girl and two other women who are sprawled across the sofa making out. So I go over ask the politely to let us sit there and sit down and wait for my new lesbian biker friend to come back. End scene.

At this point Boris (the 25 pound moose cat) jumps on my chest and wakes me up. He follows me into the bathroom where my thoughts oddly enough turn to thinking of what movies are playing down at our new IMAX Theater.