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Oct 252008

Besides Halloween October can be a pretty busy month. It has two major Jewish holidays. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month (that’s why you are seeing all that pink out there – I’m saving my Yoplait lids, even though I should not be eating it), I believe Canadian Thanksgiving falls in this month, and it is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

So if you are looking for a family pet, please check out your local shelters or rescues before heading to a pet store or breeder. Doing so you will be saving a life and not supporting puppy mills both at the same time. Plus most breed specific rescues out there will make sure to get you the right animal for your family. And you’ll get the piece of mind knowing that the dog has been well taken care of and socialized by some one that really loves them. I have seen these groups in action they truly do love the animals they are fostering until a new loving owner comes along.

If you can’ t find a rescue locally most of these groups will do what they can to get your pet to you safely. So please check out rescues before resorting to a pet store no matter what month you are looking for a pet not just during National Adopt a Shelter Animal Month.

Oct 242008

Speaking of Halloween, my best friend is having her annual party, which is usually friends and family just a small gathering. When I spoke to her about going to see Sweeney Todd, which is why we are not going to have a party since my housemate is in the show, she voiced her concerns about what foods to serve. I told her not to worry about me that I can fend for myself besides a I’ll have ye ole eppy pen with me just in case. Besides I just bought my costume. Okay so it is a spider-man uniform t-shirt that I’ll be able to wear any time. I know she has six dogs (yes I said six dogs) and that she serves things I am allergic to like carrots and celery (and now soy) but it is tradition and I won’t miss it just because I can’t eat.

Oct 182008

We recently discovered a little restaurant in the middle of town called the Marvel Ranch. It is at 4th and Penn in downtown Reading. We have been driving by this place for twenty odd years and thought it was a closed down dive. Well it isn’t either of those things.

The outside does present itself as a dive and perhaps the inside isn’t much better, but the food is good and inexpensive. It has a homey feel like Mel’s in Alice’s Restaurant. (We haven’t gone in enough times to know if The Marvel Ranch has its own version of Flo or not. But the locals and regulars add plenty of color and character to the overall atmosphere even without a Flo in the mix.)

The hours at the Marvel are a bit odd (this is why we assumed it was no longer in business). They open real early to catch the folks heading off to work something like 5:30 or 6: 00 (you won’ t catch me up that early). Then close around I:00 pm and 12:00pm on Sundays. You can get their entire menu at any time. So if you want a burger at 6 am you can get it or if you want the Marvel Mess at noon you can get that too. What is the Marvel Mess? It is an omelet that is pretty much a Marvel Ranch exclusive. It includes scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, ham, onions, and peppers all served up in a heap on your plate for only a few dollars. The also serve a smaller portion called the mini marvel mess. A stack of 3 pancakes is under 3 dollars.

Next time you find yourself in Reading in the morning looking for a good place for breakfast or an early lunch check out this hidden treasure that’s just across the Penn Street bridge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know we were.

Oct 172008

Apparently Pennsylvania is trying to pass a new law that will have truckers up in arms and I am right there with them. The new laws say that no large vehicle will be able to sit and idle for more than five minutes at a time. WTF? Running the engine is the only way for them to cool or heat their cabs (you know their homes). And what about traffic? Will they be fined for sitting in traffic?

This is just one more stupid law on the PA books. We can put that one right next to the headlights on while driving in a work zone (I have never seen anyone stopped for that one) and the new no smoking laws that businesses are ignoring or circumventing any way.

Oct 162008

I have been meaning to post a complete list of my allergies for my friends so they know. Up until now I have only told the some of the story.

Trees: maple, elm, box elder, willow, sycamore, ash, oak, walnut, cottonwood, birch.

Grasses: june, orchard, timothy, ragweed.

Weeds: plaintain, cocklebur, marsh elder, pig weed, russian thistle, mug wort, wormwood, lamb’s quarters, sorrel, pyrethrum

Perennials: mite farinae, mite pteronys, cat, dog, feather, kapok, silk

Molds: negative who knew? (I used to be positive for molds.)

The above are all the allergens I am getting shots for while the following are not treatable and need to be avoided.

Foods (Raw): cherry, nectarine, celery, carrots banana, apple

Foods (cooked): soybean, apple, clam, oyster, lobster, shrimp, mixed fish, crab, peanut, almond, mustard, carrot.

I need more tests on raw foods, especially fruits and veggies.

Oct 152008

Zombie ToysThis is one of the coolest plush toys since the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail (which is also available at ThinkGeek). These clever geeks over at ThinkGeek made these super cuddly, scarey, creepy little Zombies that you can rip to shreds.

Zombie ToysBut the best part about this product might just be their marketing and the demo video they made. Check it out below it is worth it. (I have to say the folks over there are just crazy — looks like a place I would like to work — pretty sure I would fit right in with the wackos.)

So here is another I Want It Wednesday post that just might wind up being something I do eventually get.

Oct 142008

Hanes SportyThe following is a complaint about the current state of my underwear. No it is not old and ratty look rather the opposite as I just bought them. I always buy Hanes underwear, Hanes hi-cut briefs to be exact. (I know TMI.) Over the past few years I have only bought their sporty briefs. They were super comfy and had a nice big waistband. This time when I went to buy new undies I can no longer find them not anywhere. Disappointed I assumed their regular hi-cut briefs will be the same as they have always been just the narrower waist band. Wrong they are now these no-rise hi-cuts.

I never had any kind of problem with their old style under garments. I purchased the same size I have been purchasing for the last 15 years (even though their size chart says I should get the next size up). But in the past the big baggy under parts would ride up. If I bought the size smaller all was fine with a nice
snug fit.

Wedge Free No-Ride-UpNow they are too tight in the legs and the waist sits lower. Don’t even get me started on their comfort soft line! The comfort soft are even worse in the legs and sit further down on my butt. If I wanted bikini briefs I would have bought them! They advertise those as having the most comfortable waistband ever. Funny thing is it is nowhere near your waist making them the most uncomfortable underpants ever. I really feel I’ll take them up on their guarantee and send all these uncomfortable undies back to them and letting them know I will never be buying Hanes again.

Now to start looking for alternatives to the new and very much unimproved Hanes. First up will be fruit of the loom. Here’s hoping they still know how to make a woman’s hi-cut brief. Bye-bye Hanes.

Oct 132008

You may have seen Pennsylvania on the national news (I am pretty sure Dateline, Oprah or one of the other big news magazine shows did an expose on our dirty little secret – puppy mills). PA along with other states with large Amish populations have a great number of them running a new cash crop. That crop would be dogs. Now mind you it is not only the Amish who are making a quick buck on breeding dogs, but they are the most prominent in my area. Just driving down a one-mile stretch of road to my parent’s house I pass three such puppy mills. These poor puppies are expected to be someone’s pet but they are not properly cared for, are not healthy, not socialized and are just like any other crop to these people.

Please do not buy your next dog from a pet store or off a farm. Inspect the breeder carefully, do your research and visit the pups as they develop with their mother. If you do you’ll get a happier and much healthier animal for your family.

No Puppy MillsFor more information please visit united against puppy mills. org or the Humane Society’s website. If you are in PA please contact your senator to make sure that House Bill 2525 gets past passed. My Senator Mike O’ Pake voted yes on the dog legislation according to the letter I received from his office in response to my email. So please take a minute out of your day to write an email, make a phone call or mail a letter (yes snail mail still works in this country and is some times more affective than electronic mail – yeah, the e stands for electronic). And get your own ribbon to support the cause.

Senator O’PakePuppy mill updatethe Pennsylvania state senate has passed the House Bill 2525 on October 8, 2008 by a vote of 49 to 1. I just got a letter from my Senato,r Mike O’ Pake, informing me of success. He voted in the affirmative (that is yes). I wonder who the idiot that voted no was? Or even better what their reason was for voting in the negative?

As Sen. O’ Pake’s letter states, “These dogs will receive the proper and humane treatment that they deserve.” This is a good victory for pet lovers and will certainly help in the senators bid for re-election next month.

Oct 122008

I am sitting here working on my posts watching Batman: Returns and Batman and Catwoman were in the middle of a big fight scene and my thoughts immediately go to Big Bang Theory. First I said something about counting catwomen and then I lower my voice and say “I’m Batman”. If you haven’t been watching Big bang Theory you might get either one of those jokes. They are both from the series premiere (I think it was three weeks ago). Funny stuff.

Sheldon and Leonard were talking about being a superhero as they were walking up the stairs and Sheldon said he could never be the Green Lantern without some one coming to him from the planet Oa and giving him a power ring but with enough start up capital and a research facility he could be Batman. Leonard just looks at him asking “You could be Batman?” Then Sheldon lowers his voice and says “I’m Batman. See?”

When we first saw this we almost died laughing. Especially since that was our biggest complaint about Batman: The Dark Knight.

Oct 122008

It is true that you learn something new every day. (You may not know you learned and you might forget it soon after you learn, but you do.)

For me today I learned what 31337 was and no it isn’t the lottery numbers. I thought I was a geek, but there is a lot of geek speak I don’t know and this was one of them.

Turns out 31337 = elite.  Get it ELEET. It can stand for ones greatness in just about anything from gaming to hacking and beyond.

I found my answer at the Urban Dictionary, thnx dudes.

Oct 102008
Cool Steampunk Skeleton T-shirt

 This is one of the coolest skeleton tees I have seen in a long time (and I love the glow in the dark ones). This one is just so unique. Want to know what makes a clockwork man tick? You’ll see it with this cool shirt. Available now at your local ThinqueGeek Merchantile. ThinkGeeks ubergeek […]

Oct 092008
Steampunk Angel T-shirt

For those of us looking for a really unique steampunk costume for Halloween, but do not have the funds to buy all that fancy Victorian clothing ThinkGeek has come up with a few simple solutions for us. First up is the steampunk angel tee with glorious clockwork wings on the back (which can later be […]