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May 152008

A few years ago one of my best friends and I had a whirlwind vacation out to Los Angeles. I had just returned from a family vacation to southern Germany and the very next weekend I am back on a plane to LA for the weekend. Yes, you heard me right, I said for the weekend. Normally, when I go places I like to go and stay for a while. That way I get to see things and experience the area more.

We flew into LAX and went straight to our hotel. We were in town for the very first Farscape convention which was being held in our hotel. We really did not have the need to drive anywhere so neither of us had rented a car. So no going anywhere other than the convention or so you would think.

Between convention events we went out to Griffiths Park to visit Forrest J Ackerman’s sci-fi museum, which was amazing. Then that evening my best friend from high school who was now living in LA picked us up and gave us a late night tour of the city. Renee drove us all over the place. She took Mary and me to this neat little sci-fi cafe and out to the coast so Mary could touch the pacific ocean. This was my Mary’s first trip to Los Angeles and it would have been more interesting for her had we had the time to actually take some sightseeing tours a bit, but we did not.

We;ll just have to plan more carefully and take the time to schedule something through Hey, they may even be offering up a contest to win a tour. That would be cool. I know right now you can win $150 iTunes gift card just for signing up to their newsletter.

For vacations across the country look to for Things to do in New York City to LA.

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