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Oct 052008

I recently had additional tests for food allergies. I am getting worse. I had already known of my celery, carrot, and peanut allergies, but the list is a lot longer now. It now includes soy, hazelnuts (actually we can say all tree nuts), Brazil nuts, almonds (like I said we can just write off all nuts), seafood (shellfish and regular fish), apples (raw and cooked), celery (raw and cooked), carrots (raw and Cooked), bananas, cherries, mustard, and a slew of other things.

The things that will hurt me the most are soy, celery and carrots. All three of these already cause my throat to close. So now I have an eppy pen just in case. I am trying to stay away from everything because food allergies only get worse. There are no shots to get better from food allergies.

My biggest hurtle is the soy. It is in every thing, absolutely every thing. Supposedly some forms of soy are okay but they aren’t really. If someone tries to tell you that something doesn’t have the right kind of soy protein in it to be a problem don’t chance it. I recently read about 4 deaths in Sweden caused by hidden sources of soy. And I am personally affected by even small amounts of soy oil such as that found in soft drinks like Mountain Dew and Fanta (although Coke tells me it won’t hurt me and will not respond to my emails that it does). The reaction I get from this type of soy is in mild compared to when I drink soy milk (which I haven’t done since the first time I tried it), but it does affect me causing mucus in my throat and other throat irritation, too. Soy oil is in just about everything. It is proving to be very difficult to stay away from that’s for sure.

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