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May 062008

As a kid I always wanted an ant farm. I never got one so maybe that is why I think the ant farms of today are really pretty sweet. Heck these ant farms are not just your average ants and dirt sandwiched between two pieces of plexi-glass, oh no! These suckers are high tech.

AntWorks Ant Farm uses a gel instead of dirt. The gel doubles as nutrition for your little insect buddies as well as their home. Boy are those tunnels cool in that gel. Now you can see all the ant activity. There will be no hiding in the dirt for you my little chums.

If the way cool blue gel wasn’t enough for you the base contains an LED light so you can see your bugs in the dark too. Check out the video for just how cool this ant farm really is. This is recommended for age six and above, but I think any responsible ant fan of any age would enjoy this as a gift. [Hint, hint. I think it would be perfect sitting on my desk at work.] Just a heads up the AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm is a Bring Your Own Ants [BYOA] project so you may have a little hunting and catching to do as well, or you might see if they have live ants available for purchase so you can start the fun right away.

This post was made possible by the fun folks over at Vat 19 purveyors of curiously awsome gifts. They really do offer up a bunch of unique gift ideas for anyone on your shopping list.

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