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Jun 042008

We are in need of some new rugs in our house and we haven’t found a thing in our area. Lucky for me I have family in Troutdale, Virginia. Where is that you might ask? Well it is in the hills of southern Virginia. It is very close to Bristol, Tennessee. And what does this have to do with rugs? Everything! To get to my Grandmother’s house we have to go through Abington, which is home to the Abington Rug Outlet. This outlet has some of the most beautiful area rugs I have ever seen. The best part is you don’t have to travel to Virginia to get your rugs they have a website, but believe me it is worth the trip. That part of the state is just beautiful.

I’ll give you four guesses why I need new area rugs. Their names are Bela, Abby, Picasso and Boris.

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