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May 062008

As Seen On TV StuffMany As Seen On TV items are really just a bunch of crap you don’t need. The Package Shark Pro might be one of those pieces of crap. Not sure where you stand on it. I bought one from Boscov’s they have a small as seen on tv section in their housewares section. By buying it there I get the ability to easily return it if I don’t like the item and no shipping and handling costs either way. Besides when you buy online or from call the 800 number flashed on the TV screen aren’t you really buying two? Cost was $10.

Funny thing is you need the package shark to open the package shark as it comes in one of those solid clam-shell plastic tombs. It is really just a plastic holder for a razor blade with different widths for different package types; clam-shell, CD and DVD. I did not attempt the last two types as I was mostly interested in open my toys when I get them. Well it did not work all that well, nothing I couldn’t do with an exacto blade just a little safer maybe.

I was going to take it back on my way home from work when I actually came across a use for it at work. We had a bunch of defective items that needed to be opened, tested and new batteries put back in if they worked. And you guessed it they were in plastic packages. It really did work out in that application as I was able to open about 50 packages in less than thirty minutes and it would have taken me a lot longer with scissors, which would have hurt my hand to boot.

Only draw back was if the package shark veered of the intended course it was difficult to complete the cut. It also only cuts through one side of the package’s plastic. So if you were hoping to cleanly remove all of the sealed plastic you might as well still use scissors to open it. So while I did return the product, I did get my ten bucks back since it became a work expense.

Unless this sucker pops apart some how there is no way to replace the blade so once it gets dull you will have to shell out for another one.

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