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Sep 052008

AssimilationI have had this bumper sticker on my car for more than two years, maybe even three by now and every time my mom sees it she asks me what it means. So I explain about the borg and assimilation etcetera and hope that will be the end of it (we do not speak of the other meaning in my family, but I am sure other “family” members get it). I am getting a little tired of saying, “it’s a borg thing, you wouldn’t understand” to people.

This has even gotten me in a little bit of hot water with the local rednecks too. So now that it is faded I think I will replace it with another Star Trek inspired bumper sticker. Not exactly sure which one. Maybe I will get the Boldly Going Nowhere one or one of the red shirt society ones. I’ll let you know what I decide (and I am up for suggestions too).

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