LEGO Brand Retail
Jul 152008

It is only July and we are already getting back-to-school and Halloween being shoved down our little retail throats. Halloween I don’t mind, school I could live without (and I don’t even take classes any more – it is just that to me back-to-school means the beginning of the end). The only thing good about Fall are the beautiful leaves and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

We used to have a great big party every year then every other year because it just got to be too much work. Now we aren’t sure if we are doing it again at all, but with the latest wave of catalogs hitting we are getting in the spirit. Even if we don’t have a party we might do some decorating for our trick-or-treaters. I have been doing some online research for ideas and it is getting my spooky, creative juices flowing. I may even try my hand at some DlY animatronics stuff. I have already placed an order for a motor at Monster Guts (I’ll post more as I work on the project) and I have another little project in the works too. Plus I found a DIY talking skull I want to try.

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