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Jan 162008

The Avenging Narwhal Play Set is hilarious. Each narwhal comes with four magical tusks and three natural enemies.

From the package: for centuries, the narwhal was the great mystery of the sea, with the body of a whale Avenging Narwhal Play Setand the horn of a unicorn, many people believed that these fascinating creatures were harmless inhabitants of the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. Recent studies, however, have exposed the secret agenda of these mysterious mammals and the true purpose of their extraordinarily long pointy tusks.

Million of years ago penguins, snow seals and koalas ruled the earth. They feasted on whales, dolphins and other sea mammals. But the narwhal went into hiding biding their time and planning their revenge. They reemerged, tusks gleaming with newfound magical power, and fought back against the adorable creatures that threatened their existence. The battle was long and many narwhal were lost.

Now once a year to keep their enemies at bay they return to Antarctica to hunt baby seals and penguins stopping in Australia along the way to attack the deadly koalas.

The back-story alone is worth the purchase price or about $13. You can have loads of fun impaling these dangerous yet adorable creatures through the heart. Remember not all narwhal tusks are the same so be sure to choose the right one for the right job. The crystal tusk is used for mind control, hypnosis and global communications. The Onyx tusk causes instant paralysis, while the ruby tusk drains the victims of all their blood. Finally, the ice tusk freezes water, creates icebergs, and chills beverages. So choose wisely. Above all have fun. Not for children under 3 and perhaps not for children at all. Having a sense of humor helps when playing with these toys so if you find you are devoid of fun stay away. They make great office playthings.

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