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Aug 202008

Big KittyI was poking around over at and I came across this post about a big pussy (of course they wanted to get all the folks with their minds in the gutter to click thu to the post). When I got there and saw this picture my immediate thought was that it had to be a faked photograph. Although I can’t seem to find the tell tale signs of a photoshopped image. But it has to be. there cannot be a kitty cat that huge. Can there? I appreciate any all feedback on this guy and if you know the owner of this big kitty please let me know!

Fat Cat The fat cat shown here is not the same pussy cat that the man is holding. It is just another example of a big ole kitty cat. My kitty Boris is the same type of white/tabby cat and he is big too, but not as big as these two guys. Gees! And I thought I had a big cat at nearly two feet long and 25 lbs. Heck, Boris is little compared to these two.

I think these two kitties need to get some exercise. Their people had better head over to Boris’ fav shop and buy some toys to get these guys moving!

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