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Feb 082008

Top of the receipt says, “Have it your way…” yet I wasn’t allowed to have it my way. I don’t normally eat a lot of Burger King food as I don’t care for the taste of the flame broiled [charbroiled] meat, but every once in awhile I want a whopper.

I heard about this Whopper Wednesday deal and thought, “Heck I’ve been hankering a whopper guess I will get one tonight.” First, the BK I went to did participate in the wednesday special so I had to pay full price. Secondly, and mostly upsetingly, I could not have it my way.

I wanted extra pickles on my whopper, but when I ordered I was told they were out of pickles. How in the hell does a fast food restaurant run out of pickles? Don’t they get deliveries on a regular basis? And don’t those pickles come in five gallon buckets? So how do you run out of pickles?

Well the burger wasn’t good and perhaps the pickles would have helped but I don’t think so. If I ever go back to that particular restaurant I will be sure to ask for extra on everything as my sandwich was dry and tasteless. So does Burger King stand behind there Whoppers and do anything about it when a customer can’t have it their way? We’ll find out as I intend on giving them a call tomorrow.

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  One Response to “BK Wouldn’t Let Me Have It My Way”

  1. I’ll have to write or call. can you believe I can’t even have it my way on their website! No emails will be accepted.

    Burger King Corporation
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, Florida 33126

    Corporate Headquarters – 305-378-3000

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