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Jan 122008

Had dinner yesterday with friends [they probably figured something was wrong as my mood was starting to reflect my depression]. We went to The Works a fun place if you’re in the mood. They have a game room, bar and of course eats. It is kind of like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults. The foods okay but the atmosphere and friends are what makes it. Normally, this post would be about the so-so service we had or the fact that the food wasn’t really good, but not today. [Yes, my bad restaurant karma is still intact. I just have not been out of the house much since getting out of the hospital.]

invisible dog on leashThere was a young couple with two kids at the table next to us. [Again this post would normally be geared towards chastising the parents for not watching the kids, but not today.] The little girl next to us was a little rambunctious but a little cutie. She and her mother had gone off to play games and came back with a toy dog on a leash. The leash was stiff like those old gag invisible dog leashes you used to be able to buy at the boardwalk. You could tell she was very proud of her new dog. I was a little afraid of being hit buy the toy or the child in my sore knee, which was sticking out from under the table in the line of fire.

Instead of being my normal bitchy self I decide to play nice with others and asked the little grrl what her new doggie’s name was. She answered me in a very 2-3 year old-ish version of the English language. Thank goddess her mommy was there to translate. I learned the new puppies name was Blackie Steve and he was crazy [that’s craaazY!].

While I enjoyed our friends, I do have to admit that crazy ole Blackie Steve the little stuffed black lab on a leash was the highlight of my evening.

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