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Jul 112008

It is the 50th anniversary of the film THE BLOB. Filmed in Chester County way back in 1958 and starring Steve McQueen. Each year the Colonial Theater (this would be the theater in the famous scene where everyone is running out escaping the BLOB) has a BLOBfest to celebrate their fifteen minutes of fame and this year is no exception (how could it be with it being the 50th anniversary and all).

 Stop by tonight and watch the reinactment of the running of the Blob. Other activities include costume contests, a parade, a street fair, meet the REAL Blob and Tom Savini or just come to see the film on the big screen.

The Blob

The Blob Poster

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  One Response to “Blobfest Starts Today”

  1. I totally wish I’d seen this blog sooner. I live in Philly (close enough) and had no idea the anniversary came up. I love that movie in a bad way.

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