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Jan 072008

When I first signed up for I had hoped to get something really cool. What was great was they fact that I signed up after hearing about them on the local news as did a lot of other women. So I did not think I would be contacted to review any products any time soon. But not long after I signed up I did receive and email telling me I could review a new magazine from the folks who bring us Martha Stewart Living. Woman’s magazines are not really my bag but I figured what the hey. So I filled out the initial survey and received the magazines today.

I really was not expecting too much from the magazine. Just another Woman’s Day or Cosmo, don’t get me wrong Comso has its good points but I am not into the makeup tips and high fashion no one can afford. Blueprint has this but in moderation and the fashion is more affordable. The best part of the magazine is it does not pander to a feminine stereotype. The makeup tips and fashion spread are mixed with computer tips, decorating help, technology tips, and of course recipes, but done in a cool way. Dare I say it? It is almost like Blueprint is the WIRED of the women’s magazines.

Really enjoyed the 100 lists at the end of the magazine. Nice list and a neat layout. Well done.

Draw back the magazine has all the articles on the left and the full page ads on the right, which keeps us cover rollers from doing that easily and forcing us to keep the magazine opened wide [not good for commuters but good for the advertisers].

I got two issues the March/April and the May/June issues.

From the website: “Our new magazine, Blueprint, inspires with easy ideas for your home, wardrobe, and life. Design your life with Blueprint.”

[I know the post is a little late. Since then I had also reviewed an AOL website for as well. Now on to some good stuff in ‘08.]

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