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Jan 042008

Coming home tonight I was cut off yet again. A few days ago a big black Dodge pickup tried to share my lane with me. I was in the passing lane trying to go around him. Guess I did not go fast enough and perhaps I was in his blind spot. I don’t know. All I do know is he started coming over and would have smashed me against the concrete median had I not slammed on my brakes. Lucky for me nothing was behind me at least not tailgating me that is. So no accident.

Tonight I basically relived that experience. I’m on the highway in the right-hand lane when a black jeep in the passing lane decides it needs to exit. The driver can’t slow down and let me pass. No, She has to come over and try to take out my front end. I could not slow down quickly this time so I had to put up with her sharing my lane twice as she tried to push me out of her way so she could get to the exit. When She finally gets in front of me she drives half in our lane and half on the shoulder. Quite honestly I don’t think she knew how to drive. Someone needs to stop her before she hurts someone namely me! I am starting to think that all drivers should be required to pass a driver’s test every five years before they can have their license renewed.

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