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May 202008

Captcha looks right to me….I completely understand sights requesting captcha verification when submitting comments and feed back in online forms. Heck, I have even considered it for my commenting system on this blog due to all the mechanical spam messages I keep getting in my comments. But after tonights little mishap on another blog I whink I will reconsider.

I was over at This Side of the Fence tyring to post a comment on a fellow bloggers article. But the captcha which was all numerical kept giving me a failed response. …but no I still get denied.I kept trying to get my comment to go through always with the same outcome. I finally gave up. But not before grabbing screen shot so you can see i did indeed have the right numbers in the form and how badly the website was treating. Hopefully, the comments were all rejected and not sitting in their admin awaiting moderation. If that is the case they will have to delete like twenty of the same comment form me. Sorry.

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