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Aug 142008

So my first real look at the Olympics happened to be the young girls of the Chinese gymnastic team winning the gold. My thoughts while watching them were how young they looked. I like the rest of the world had to Google how old you were supposed to be to compete and then how old the girls were. (A NY Times article said they were most likely 14 and not the “official” 16 stated on their passports according to websites which have since been shut down). That was only the first of the controversies I came across tied to the Beijing Games.

I am feeling a little bit like Mulder of the X-Files, what with all the conspiracies I am uncovering about the Olympics.

I read last night about how the little girl who sang during the opening ceremonies had pulled a Milli Vanilli and lip-synched the song while another little girl did the actual singing. All because the girl with the voice did not look good enough. (Perhaps they should have continued their search until they had a girl with both looks and talent.) Little Yang Peiyi did the vocals while the cuter girl, Lin Miaoke, appeared to the public.

Now I just read about how a dancer that was injured during the rehearsals for the opening ceremonies. She did not get help for over 50 minutes due to the tight security. She had to lay there in agony waiting for help to arrive. At first they announced she had broken her leg, but it turns out that was a lie (kind of like what they did to us when Princess Diana died – one minute she broke her arm, next minute she had died).

Oh and let us not forget the faked fireworks during the opening ceremonies as well. We television viewers got computer graphics while the folks in Beijing got to see the real thing.

So what’s next?

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