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Apr 272008

Comcast needs to do some re-organizing of their channel line up. That way they can give us some channels we want. Some of the newer ones out there like the Chiller Channel and some long awaited ones like Boomerang. (The Chiller Channel is so much better than that Fear Net onDemand crap we have now and we should have had Boomerang added to the Comcast line up years ago.

Just a few years ago (if even that long) Comcast removed what they considered duplicate or redundant channels such as all the East Coast line ups for the premium channels. Which really were redundant as it offered different programs at different times therefore giving us even more viewing options. Well if Comcast wants to stand by their decision to remove duplicate channels they got some work ahead of them.

Their On Demand service is on channel one, but there are at least 22 other channels that point back to Channel 1. That list doesn’t even include the seven channels that are all pay per view. I thought that the OnDemand service replaced the old pay per view system. Didn’t it?

Comcast’s onDemand menu is not that hard to navigate so why so many channels all pointing back to the same place? Plus once you click on one of the other channels like say the movies on demand channel 315, it takes you to that section only. You cannot get to the OD main menu from the one. You have to exit and re-enter the On Demand menu all over again. Which can be a pain depending on how long it takes the menus and content to load. Personally, I never access those subsections because of this draw back and only go to Channel 1 so I have all my options available to me at one time.

I am tired of hearing Comcast say they don’t have enough channels in their system when they are wasting so many channels on their own crap. I haven’t even mentioned the duplicate channels they are using for the high def channels. The premium stations like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz all have HD channels in their group of channels but Comcast also list them down in the HD channels too. Why? Clean up the channels and give us more content please.

The HD channels that can be removed are:

215 HBO HD
219 MAX HD
223 SHO HD
227 Starz HD

Because they are already in the channel listings as:

300 HBO HD
319 Cinemax HD
339 Showtime HD
369 Starz HD

As for all the duplicates of Channel 1 they are:

151 Movies OD
166 Fear Net onDemand
228 HD on Demand
238 HD on Demand
297 Local on Demand
298 Free Movies on Demand
 299 HBO on Demand
315 Movies on Demand
366 Movies on Demand
390 HERE! On Demand
487 HD on Demand
488 Free HD OD Movies
490 HD Premium Channels on Demand
491 HD Music on Demand
499 Movies on Demand
740 Exercise OD
886 Entertainment OD
888 Searchlight OD
891 Searchlight OD
892 Searchlight OD
893 Searchlight OD

I will leave the duplicate Spanish channels out of my griping as they are needed, especially in areas with a high Spanish speaking population like ours. But why, oh why, all the channels pointing back to the same place? If you really want to offer us better service and give us more options then add a few channels to the line up and stop pointing everything back to your on demand service.

If you are sick of paying the high, high prices for Comcast Cable then do something about it. Pick up the phone and give them a call and tell them you want more channels, better programming and less channels going to OD content! Their phone number is 1-800-COMCAST. Go ahead and give them a call.

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