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May 312008

A little while ago I wrote about how awful Comcast is and that the DVR service sucks. Well, my little post got the attention of someone at Comcast and they emailed me asking for my account info so they could look into the matter. So I went ahead and sent them my name and phone number half expecting nothing more than a return email.

At this point I don’t even know if I ever got a reply back from that email, but I did get a phone call from someone at the corporate offices (I don’t know who as I could not quite make out the name. The number was 717-771-2600.). The message immediately after that one on my machine was another one from someone else at the Comcast corporate offices named Laura her number was 717-771-2660. So I called the first mystery person back. No person on the other end only a voicemail box. I left a message. Repeated the same procedure with Laura. Same results.

Someone, I believe Laura, did attempt to call me back, but since I work so far away I am not home during their office hours which seem to be 8 to 4. I leave the house before then and don’t get home until 7 or 8 at night so how on earth am I supposed to speak with these people. I left them another message.

About a day later a get a letter from Laura saying she has tried contacting me and if they don’t hear from me they will consider the matter closed. So I call and leave her yet another message this time I leave my cell phone number to call me during the day even though I cannot really answer it while I am at work as I am supposed to be working you know. She did call. I was on our business phone with a client and could not pick up my cell phone.

Three weeks, or is it four, later and I still have not spoken to an actual human being at the corporate offices. Perhaps the day I was off for my medical tests at the hospital I should have taken the time to call them, but I was a little preoccupied at the time. Why can’t they be available to their customers during hours convenient to the people paying their bills? Hey, they contacted me first.

My conclusion is that Comcast’s corporate offices services are just as bad as their DVR service and perhaps just as over paid.

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