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Aug 212008

Comcast is so ticking me off again. They splash advertisements all over the place trying to get you to sign up for their triple play program (TV, internet and phone) by enticing you with a free gift. Last month it was a Wii, the month before that a TV this month it is a years free DVR rental.

Well I finally broke down and did it. Guess what? You have to be a new customer. Not just a new customer to the triple play (which I am), but never having had an account with Comcast ever. I don’t think their fine print that flashes across the screen says that. All it says is new customer and I fit that bill as I NEVER, EVER had a triple play account. Oh, and to top it all off the price I was quoted is only good for a year. I wasn’t told it was special pricing. I was told that was the price (by the lady in the corporate office). Now I learn it will mostly likely double after my year is up! Sometimes I hate Comcast (okay so most of the time I hate them).

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