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Jun 042008

My sucky Comcast DVR is at it again. Just like before it has a completely black screen. I have a date with the folks at Comcast to come out and look at things. (This all came about because I posted how awful Comcast is. Someone in the corporate office must have a Google alert for the terms Comcast Sucks and/or Crappy DVR.

Well they are scheduled to come here between 5 and 7 pm. I’ll let you all know what they say about the DVR with the black screen of death (this is happening every time I try to watch something that has been taped or if I try to rewind or pause live TV).

Honestly, I am glad it is doing it again so I have something to show them. Otherwise it would have been no different that my telling the over the phone.

What I hate the most about this is that they have no customer service at all. The people I spoke to were nice enough, but they cannot offer rebates, refunds or free services to make a customer fell better about staying with a service that is as sucky as Comcast is.

I am looking into getting a TIVO if I stay with Comcast, if I leave I will look at DirectTV with TIVO DVR service.

Want to know why Comcast sucks so much?

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