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Oct 162008

I have been meaning to post a complete list of my allergies for my friends so they know. Up until now I have only told the some of the story.

Trees: maple, elm, box elder, willow, sycamore, ash, oak, walnut, cottonwood, birch.

Grasses: june, orchard, timothy, ragweed.

Weeds: plaintain, cocklebur, marsh elder, pig weed, russian thistle, mug wort, wormwood, lamb’s quarters, sorrel, pyrethrum

Perennials: mite farinae, mite pteronys, cat, dog, feather, kapok, silk

Molds: negative who knew? (I used to be positive for molds.)

The above are all the allergens I am getting shots for while the following are not treatable and need to be avoided.

Foods (Raw): cherry, nectarine, celery, carrots banana, apple

Foods (cooked): soybean, apple, clam, oyster, lobster, shrimp, mixed fish, crab, peanut, almond, mustard, carrot.

I need more tests on raw foods, especially fruits and veggies.

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