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Feb 122008

With all the horrible drivers out there and the fact that almost everyone I know has been in some kind of accident or fender bender in the past couple of months this little device might be a pretty good idea.

 car cameraIt is a combo camera, dvr, LCD screen and rear view mirror. It records all the action in fromt of you catching all the evidence if an accident or aggressive drive happens your way. Check out the car camera for more info or to buy this cool device.

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  2 Responses to “Cool In Car Camera”

  1. You can buy cheaper, better looking, in car camera. Records Video, Audio and GPS location to a SD card (up to 16GB). Videos and GPS data can be analyzed on your PC by using the software that comes with it! Go check it out:

  2. Thanks for the comment. I would like to see the DRS1100 in action. The site does not offer any video examples. Why not send me a sample product and I will do a full right up and upload video from the device to share with the world.

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