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Jul 312008

In case you were wondering what I was talking about in my last post, I am speaking of the new line of DC toys from Mattel the DC Infinite Heroes. This a new scale for The DC guys standing a mere 3.75 inches tall (same scale as Star Wars and Indian Jones).

According to my sources (Toy magazines, internet, and Previews) these weren’t supposed to hit until August with new waves in the fall, but I found them at Toys R Us and Target already.

Available now are: Shazam, Adam Strange, Guy Gardner, Zoom and two three packs, which consist of Gordon and two Gotham Swat team members and Flash, Weather Wizard, and Mirror Master.

I was able to pick up the 3 packs at Target and got 4 of the 7 individual figures pictured on the backs of the cards at Toys R us (Target had the same individual figures I had already purchased at TRU). My guess is the rest pictured will appear in another wave of figures.

Since I stopped collecting the Justice League figures (they were just too hard to find and the new figures are all in 3-packs with figures I already have. It was getting way too expensive plus they are hard to display. My entire collection fell over like dominoes. These are a great alternative. DC Infinite Heroes will feature new and classic characters, I might not even mind having to buy yet another Batman and Superman in the new scale (although I do think the new small scale Dark Knight figures will fit right in with this tiny plastic crowd.

My Guy Gardner Figure will be going back as I just learned of a TRU exclusive
6- pack, which will include Guy, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Man hunter, damaged Man hunter and Qwardian, Like the JL figures the only unique ones will be Hal Jordan, John Stewart and damaged Man hunter.

Future 3-packs are Superman, Wonder Girl and Super Girl and Captain Boomerang, Star fire and Raven. Toyfare also lists Hush as an individual figure which would make sense if this first wave has four individuals and list three other figures on the back.

Each figure has 10 points of articulation, a pretty good likeness and the all important peg hole for a stand (not included).

Looks like the female figures will only have six to eight points of articulation and I am keeping my fingers crossed they will have a hole in the foot too.

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