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Jan 012008

Right before Christmas I called my sister from the middle of the Target store to ask her if she needed another string of purple xmas lights. She did not need the extra lights but sent me off to the video game aisle for my niece who was getting a Wii for Christmas and they wanted to get the DDR [Dance Dance Revolution] game for the system and could not find it anywhere. Apparently it was as hard to find this year as the Wii system was.

So I walked up to the Wii games and found it right away. Needless to say I was instructed to pick it up for them. On Xmas day we all played they games she got with her Wii. I did must best even with my injuries, but did not go anywhere near her DDR game.

Cool DDR Game Pads If she really loves the game I will have to tell my sister about the arcade style pads from They are really sweet. And if she doesn’t want to shell out the money for the arcade version she could at least buy a second Wii pad for my niece so she can go head to head with someone.

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