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Mar 292008

He spins poetry

short fiction

like a DJ spinning mixes

Sampling from his memory

single-note bassline

looped in a continuous drone like

a recurring theme

In every cracked-spine novel

tattered beat poem

is a new blood drum thumping

fingers clicking the alphabet keys

deftly scratching

the worn-out 33

Spinning lyrical melodies

in run-ons

and fragments

Choosing words from his stock

like songs from old LPs

Drum splice

transformed into meter, beat

The bass kicks in

a pulsing undertone

of emotional sequence

The DJ, making people move

rhthym thumping heartbeat

The writer, moving people

character plot narration

Take a well-known harmony

lay down a new setting


this is creative writing

DJ, spin it

Writer, scribble.

 posted april 23, 2007 on her myspace page

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