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Jun 262008

OMG! I will never, ever, ever (and might I add ever) buy anything from a Spencer’s Gifts store again, I picked up a toy for a friend the other day and it turns out he no longer needed it so I went to return it.

Check out this scam, they will no longer give you your cash back. I had no idea they had changed their policy to something so ridiculous. (Tiny sign in the store was hidden behind junk on their counter.) Maybe they are heading toward bankruptcy like Sharper Image. So I guess the next thing Spencer’s will try to pull on me is telling me my store credit in the form of the gift card (they forced on me) is no longer valid.

Really what kind of rip off is this? I paid in cash I should be allowed to get cash back. I would understand if I was returning something that was used or opened, but the toy was unopened mint in package with the receipt!

When a company reduces their customer service to zero it is usually a sign they aren’t doing well and could care less if you ever come back. I for one will never set foot in another Spencer’s Gifts since they in essence stole my twenty bucks.

So I beg of you do not buy anything from this rude retailer. But if you have to be sure to pay with your credit card so you can get your money back or at the very least issue a charge back on the card when they refuse to give you your money back.

Now I am stuck with twenty dollars credit at a store I never wish to set foot in again. Maybe I should sell it on ebay with a full explanation as to why it is for sale for less than the value along with a warning about buying from Spencer’s at all. Even if it does not sell at least I will get people to notice how stupid a no cash refunds policy is for a big company like Spencer’s Gifts is.

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