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Jan 152008

It never ceases to amaze me at how far science can take us. Now you can dry clean your hair with Salon Grafix’s Dry Shampoo line This is perfect for people on the go or for use between your normal washing. When I was in the hospital I had a similar product to use since I could not take a shower and I thought how great this would be if you could find this out in the real world. Well guess what you can at And this is not just any shampoo either. You color match your hair to revitalize and cleanse on the go.

It brushes out easily leaving your hair clean without any white or oily residue. All you get is clean, shiny hair. What more could you ask for when you’re in a hurry?

Running late for work or never made it home the night before? Make sure you have some dry shampoo stashed in the office for just those types of emergencies. And speaking of emergencies what about at home when the electricity goes out and you still need to look good for work or a date. Better get another bottle for the home. And don’t forget to pack some if you are going to be roughing it. Who wants to wash their hair in a freezing cold stream? Not me that’s for sure.

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