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Oct 022008

hellmans canolaNow I am not saying the folks at Hellmann’s are idiots, but then again maybe I am. As I said in my last mayo post that I have been searching for a VERY long time for a soy free mayonnaise and I thought I found it in the Hellmann’s brand Canola mayonnaise especially since their label did not mention there was soy in the product. So I bought it. Only to learn from their website that it does indeed have soy in it. They list natural flavors on the bottle label but explain on the web with parenthesis that natural flavors equals (soy)!

I asked them why the  product did not mention this but rather hid it and they sent me a form letter back which did not address my question about their product label.

List from Web actual ingredients on bottle

Compare their website info against the actual product.

Here is the form letter they sent me:

Thanks so much for writing!

Hellmann’s real mayonnaise has been made with soybean oil since the 1950’s. It was, however, listed on the label as vegetable oil. In July 1979, new FDA labeling regulations became effective and required each type of oil to be declared by name. Therefore, since then, we have listed soybean oil as an ingredient in Hellmann’s mayonnaise and other dressings.

Thanks for your interest!
Your friends at Hellmann’s

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