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Aug 202008

The Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s Memory Walk is coming up soon. It is a 2 to 3 mile walk for people of all ages to fight against this horrible disease. This is a cause, which has unfortunately touched the lives of my family. My grandmother, my dad’s mom, was diagnosed several years ago.

Alzheimer’s not only takes away the memories of those who suffer from the disease it also takes away the happy memories of their families too. My grandmother is suffering the ravaging effects of this disease and it has drastically changed how I remember her. I try to remember the happy times of visiting her and the smell of blueberry pancakes in the morning. Remember her as she was then not how she is now. She no longer recognizes me, but to be honest I no longer recognize her either. What I see now is not my grandmother, my Nanny Huff (that’s what we called her growing up), it is a stranger.

These walks are happening in over 600 locations this Fall. One should certainly be able to find one to join. Start a team, raise some money and MOVE us closer to a cure. If you can’t participate in the walk then please donate some money to help fight this disease.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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