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Oct 142008

Hanes SportyThe following is a complaint about the current state of my underwear. No it is not old and ratty look rather the opposite as I just bought them. I always buy Hanes underwear, Hanes hi-cut briefs to be exact. (I know TMI.) Over the past few years I have only bought their sporty briefs. They were super comfy and had a nice big waistband. This time when I went to buy new undies I can no longer find them not anywhere. Disappointed I assumed their regular hi-cut briefs will be the same as they have always been just the narrower waist band. Wrong they are now these no-rise hi-cuts.

I never had any kind of problem with their old style under garments. I purchased the same size I have been purchasing for the last 15 years (even though their size chart says I should get the next size up). But in the past the big baggy under parts would ride up. If I bought the size smaller all was fine with a nice
snug fit.

Wedge Free No-Ride-UpNow they are too tight in the legs and the waist sits lower. Don’t even get me started on their comfort soft line! The comfort soft are even worse in the legs and sit further down on my butt. If I wanted bikini briefs I would have bought them! They advertise those as having the most comfortable waistband ever. Funny thing is it is nowhere near your waist making them the most uncomfortable underpants ever. I really feel I’ll take them up on their guarantee and send all these uncomfortable undies back to them and letting them know I will never be buying Hanes again.

Now to start looking for alternatives to the new and very much unimproved Hanes. First up will be fruit of the loom. Here’s hoping they still know how to make a woman’s hi-cut brief. Bye-bye Hanes.

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