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Jan 022008

Fiskars Project Orange ThumbI already knew Fiskars made great scissors, but I did not know they also made gardening tools too. According to their website they are offering a grant to gardening groups to help with community beautification and education. The program is called Project Orange Thumb. (Get it? It is a cross between the company’s colors black and orange — and having a green thumb. Get it now?) Only groups are eligible for this grant. So if you know of or are part of a gardening group and you have a project that is geared toward community involvement, horticultural education, sustainable agriculture, or neighborhood improvement you are invited to apply for the grant. No individuals are allowed to apply, as this is a grant for groups and not a sweepstakes. This is a great opportunity for schools, garden clubs, camps, youth groups, or other clubs.

Applying for this grant sounds almost as much fun as winning it. You have to completely describe your idea and goals for the project and what you hope to accomplish with your project. If you win you have to keep a journal, write in gardening blogs and photograph your group and project. (Sounds like a great way to get a bunch of bloggers out of the house and into a garden.)

So what do you win for all your hard work? Your group will get $1500 worth of Fiskars gardening equipment and $800 in garden-related materials. (I assume that means plants, seeds, soil, mulch, fertilizers and the like.)

Fiskars Project Orange Thumb So show the world how green you can be and go out and make your neighborhood more attractive. Who knows this could be you next year.

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