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Nov 152008

I was driving to work when all of the sudden on the road directly in front of me was a 5 gallon bucket. I was in the passing lane and said bucket was in the middle of that lane. The pickup truck in front of me was high enough to clear the bucket (it was on its side) otherwise I could have been hit by a flying bucket and had my wind shield broken. Unfortunately there was as no room to get around the bucket. A white porche was next to me and there was a steep hill to my left. So my choices were hit the bucket, hit the porche or roll my car down a hill. I went with hit the bucket.

It made a horrible sound and shot across the right lane just missing that porche. Needless to say I was extremely stressed out by the whole thing. I haven’t got the money to fix any damage to my car or anyone else s either.

Plus with my past experience I was pretty shook up even though it turned out to be a rather minor incident when all was said and done. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s commute goes better.

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