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Apr 252008

Harvey Dent Take Back Gotham Graffiti A few weeks ago on my way to work I noticed a bit of graffiti on a bridge I go under every day. I tried for a few weeks now to get a piture of it one that was clear enough to bother posting. I think this one will do.Harvey Dent Take Back Gotham Graffiti The top image is a cropped detail shot of just the graffiti the bottom image is a little wider so you can get a better idea of the entire scene.

It actually took me two days of driving by this to actually confirm that it was a cool Batman graffiti that I saw and not just your ordinary everyday tag on a bridge.

Someone took the time to paint a large white rectangle then come back and fill in the red and blue campaign banner for Harvey Dent. I have been trying to stay away from too much info on The Dark Knight, don’t want to ruin the film for myself, you know.  I do know Harvey Dent is mentioned on the official site and I have seen online campaign posters for him, but this is the first real world example I have seen.

Thought I first saw the posters or a link to them on the official site. Now the official site links to a Heath Ledger Memorial Page. But there is always the online campaign headquarters for Harvey Dent with posters, stickers etc for you to download and use in your support of Mr. Dent. You can then upload your images and videos, but I don’t think they meant for you to vandalize bridges. Then again maybe they did. I am not going through the hundreds of uploads looking for this piece of work any who.

There is a fan trailer for The Dark Knight on YouTube that shows a Two-Face coin being flipped. If WB does have Dent turn into Two Face in the film I hope it is not until the end. If we learned nothing from the third and fourth films from their past attempts on this franchise it was not to cloud the film with multiple villains.

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