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Sep 072008

Haunted Bird Feeder v1 01A little while ago I shared a post about a little Halloween project I had been working on. I had customized a haunted bird feeder. I am still tweeking it a little bit. One thing that I still need to do is to add some UV LEDs one the outside of the house to make the glow-in-the dark parts (eyes looking out of windows, spider’s web and beware of cat sign) all stand out more.

The other day, while at Target, I picked up an LED strobe light ($2.50 from the front of the store) and thought I would just replace the white with UV LEDs (and I still might). I stuck the strobe inside the house and I really liked it, but to get it inside it will take some work so in the meantime I threw in two purple and green Pet Blinkers (which were also bought at like the bird feeder). They look good too. I might have to keep them inside and still have the black light LEDs on the outside of the house. Here is a video of the lights inside the haunted birdfeeder (it isn’t all that great but you’ll get the idea).

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  2 Responses to “Haunted Bird Feeder V1.1”

  1. […] could get the wrong idea. (Oh by the way all I was building was a string of UV led lights for my haunted bird feeder I have been working on all month. It is almost complete and I will post more pictures and one more […]

  2. […] pretty much done at this point. I addedd the mini strobe to the interior that I had talk about in a previous post and added a bunch of black light (UV) LEDs to the exterior to bring out all the cool glowy parts. […]

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