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Aug 072008

My Mom just loved my original haunted bird feeder and requested one of her own. I hadn’t really thought I would ever make another one, but heck it is Mom afterall. She wanted a smaller version. Something she could sit on her window sill then she added two story. So I picked up a Pet Zone Pop-up Finch Feeder to haunt for her. Even though I knew she wasn’t going to be using it as a bird feeder I made sure to leave the window area for seed retrieval open just in case. I also added the “BEWARE OF CAT” sign I had on mine. I pretty much fashioned hers after the haunted bird feeder v1. I started when I got home from work and worked straight through until about 1:30 am.

Haunted Bird Feeder v2 01 Haunted Bird Feeder v2 02 Haunted Bird Feeder v2 03 Haunted Bird Feeder v2 04


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