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Jan 152008

Hunter Dan is the all American action figure. Or maybe I should say he is the all American redneck action figure (only thing he is missing is the beer can and the mullet). There are several varieties of the Hunter Dan action figure to meet the needs of any would be animal killer. He even has a girl friend Hunter Ann. Hunter Dan

Choose from the Archery or Rifle Hunter Dan or Hunter Ann each 8” figure comes with all the accessories one needs while out in the field tracking down that trophy buck. (You can even buy accessory animals for Dan to kill.)

Also available is Duck Hunter Dan, Bass Angler Dan, Elk Hunter Dan, Goose Hunter Dan and Turkey Hunter Dan.

But don’t forget to get him is faith black lab, Hank.Hunter Dan 2 Right Feet

Watch out for the occasional hunting accident as my Hunter Dan has two right feet!

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