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May 132008

I may have mentioned this before; as a kid I always wanted an airgun, well we never called them that. To us they were simply BB guns and I wanted one in the worst way. I grew up in a family full of hunters and maybe I wanted to be like my Dad after all I was his little shadow. Then again maybe I just wanted to shoot stuff like cans, targets, or toys not really into hurting anything. (That’s a lesson I did not truly learn until I was old enough to actually go hunting with my Dad and found I could not pull the trigger when the deer was in my sights.)

The BB guns of my day are nothing like the variety of airguns you can get today. Boy, just shopping around online gets those old juices flowing again making want a BB gun even now. Not that I could rationalize my having one in the city, but if I was still out in the country I would have one, or more, in a heartbeat. I would have a row of cans sitting on a fence and start blasting them away like I remember seeing in old movies.

Then I get to wondering what kind I would get if I were to buy myself a BB gun. Would it be a pistol or an automatic like the cool Tactical Force TF11 from Crossman? Even though a rifle is what I always wanted as a kid I don’t think I would get one now though. Funny how that works isn’t it?

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