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Jul 092008

Big Ass HouseThis mansion is for sale in my neighborhood (okay, so it is about 5 blocks away, but still close enough to see it everyday and say I wish I could have that). Well it is WAY out of my price range and pretty much anyone else’s too. Heck the taxes are almost what I make a year. Guess I will need to start playing the lottery and get at least two more jobs! I would be working 24/7 just to pay the taxes let alone the mortgage.

 Great news though the property has been slashed from 1.2 million dollars to a mere $997,500! Well, slashing the estimated value has also dropped those taxes. When I first looked at the house at 1.2 million the taxes were $33,000 now they are $22,000. How the heck could anyone pay those property taxes? But it is really beautiful inside check it out at Kurfiss Realty.

 UPDATE: I believe this property has sold. Rumor is it will be a drug and alcohol rehab. Great.

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