LEGO Brand Retail
Aug 202008

Life-sized B9 RobotEven though this life-sized replica of the Lost In Space robot (also known as the B9 robot) is half the price of the Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet he is still $25,000 more than I have to spend on a giant toy. Although I would love to have him.  B9 is not just a static replica either. His torso moves, his soil sampler comes out of his foot (and tells you the environmental analysis).

Besides all that fun stuff the robot has a 240-w att audio system, and speaks 511 pre-recorded phrases performed by Richard Tufeld, the original voice of the robot from the television series (including such familiar phrases as “Danger Will Robinson!”) Pulling the robot’s power pack causes it to utter “Aaghhhhhh…” just as it did in the TV series when being shut-down; plugging it back in prompts it to say “Who turned out the lights?” SWEET!

B9 Robot is available at Hammacher Schlemmer. A store I came to love from watching Murphy Brown.

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